How much does it cost to run an ATM?

How much does it cost to run an ATM?

A simple question granted…How much does it cost to run a cash machine? In monetary terms it’s free. 

We don’t charge for the cash machine as a standard and the fitting, the phone line, any engineering support and even our helpdesk number is free, but we can hear you saying – you don’t get anything in life for free…and you know what you’d be right!  But before you hitch up your trousers and begin to head for the hills, let’s get this into perspective.

We don’t ask for any financial contribution when we install the ATM, but what we do ask for is commitment.  And that’s:

  • The commitment to fill the ATM every day that you’re open

  • The commitment to fill it with enough cash that it meets your customer’s needs on a daily basis

  • The commitment to keep the ATM clean and tidy and take pride in the service you’re offering

  • The commitment to promote the service that allows customers to access their cash in a safe and secure environment

So in financial terms, what we offer is free, but in terms of time and effort costs – we do ask for a contribution.  But with your efforts, you will be rewarded with more customers coming to your business, more visits per customer and that means more spend as well. More savings on business fees and more time to spend in the business and with your customers and no more wasted time stood in queues or waiting for your cash to be picked up/delivered.

So we go back to the question, how much does it cost to run an ATM – It costs dedication and the need to offer your customers with the best service experience available and you know what – we think that’s time well spent!

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