How to clean an ATM ((INFOGRAPHIC))

How to clean an ATM ((INFOGRAPHIC))

Your ATM isn’t just providing your customers with cash, it’s providing a service. So in this blog we will be providing you with tips on how to clean an ATM to spruce up your store!

It’s important to clean an ATM and the space around it regularly because it will give off a better impression to your customers.

Do you really expect customers to want to use an ATM that is covered in dust and germs? How do you expect your customers to use your ATM if they cannot get to it? Cleanliness says a lot about your store and it doesn’t take long either! For happy customers, take a look at our checklist on how to spring clean an ATM:

How to clean an ATM UK

Don’t worry, we’re not just going to leave it there. Check out the explanations below for more info!

Get it gleaming

It doesn’t take much time to do a quick, thorough wipe down on your cash machine with a few anti-bacterial wipes. Trust us when we say your customers will respect the extra work put in to provide them with a clean service. Don’t forget the keypad is the most important part so get it shining! Keep it clean or you won’t be seen!

Space to breathe

Make sure that the space around the cash machine is clear and free from clutter because a visible ATM is a used ATM! There’s nothing worse than trying to do your daily/weekly shop in a messy store that is filled with clutter and objects blocking your path.

It’s not a wallflower!

Get your ATM some accessories to really make it shine… by accessories we mean promotional signs and posters. How will your customers know about your ATM service if they haven’t heard about it? Show it off! By the way, we provide these for free! So get in touch!

Prepped and ready to go

By making sure you are filling the ATM everyday with cash, you are offering your customers a regular service that they can rely on! And don’t forget… more often than not they’ll go on to spend in store. Bonus!

Security checks

Our ATMs have a host of security features to protect you and your customers. There are, however, new threats each day. Thankfully, these can be prevented with some regular precautions. With regular security camera checks and ATM checks we can easily prevent anything from happening to your ATM or your customers bank accounts. Interestingly, scammers are known for selecting badly-lit and poorly maintained ATMs, so ensure you keep it clean to deter them!

ATMs are valued in all communities and can also help you win back lost customers! Don’t believe us? Just check out this blog.

If you’re interested in adding a cash machine service to your business, please contact us and we’ll be happy to book an appointment for you to meet one of our team!

We’re also all open to new ideas on how you would spring clean an ATM so if you think of an extra tip, tweet us!

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