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We have had an interesting journey over the last 17 years. The company was initially formed as a private limited company under the name Hanco ATM Systems Ltd in 2000 and in 2004 Hanco ATM Systems was acquired by The RBS Group. In October 2010 the business underwent a management buyout process that saw ownership divest from RBS and become a standalone Private Limited Company - YourCash Limited.

In 2016 YourCash was bought by Euronet Worldwide, a global provider of electronic payment and transaction processing solutions for financial institutions, retailers, service providers and individual consumers.

Our company values are TRUST, LOYALTY and RESPECT. They reflect how we treat our teams, suppliers and customers, and are key to our on-going success. Behind this amazing business, is a team of dynamic, focused, professional individuals including salesmen and women, accountants, designers, trainers, marketers, account managers, project managers, operational experts and customer service teams... all sharing their skills and knowledge, ensuring YourCash delivers the highest quality of service to our customers and they are all pivotal to making YourCash the place it is today.

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Meet the YourCash ATM company

So this is team YourCash…and what a team it is. We have a diverse group of people who have some amazing hidden talents. From crafters to swimming teachers, wake boarders to ball room dancers…we really do have it all.

We thought it was a good idea to introduce a number of the team…so with no further ado…

Nicky Yourcash Nicky
Adam Yourcash Adam
Sinead Yourcash Sinead
Sarah Yourcash Sarah
John Yourcash John
Andrew Yourcash Andrew
Wayne Yourcash Wayne
Feroze Yourcash Feroze
Estefania Yourcash Estefania
Peter Yourcash Peter
Stephanie Yourcash Stephanie
Ewan Yourcash Ewan
Megan Yourcash Megan
Mukesh Yourcash Mukesh
Sandrine Yourcash Sandrine
Rachel Yourcash Rachel
Dave Yourcash Dave
Allen Yourcash Allen
Tesni Williams Yourcash Tesni Williams
Sujan Yourcash Sujan
Stephen Yourcash Stephen
Stephen Yourcash Stephen
Nicole Yourcash Nicole
Grainne Yourcash Grainne
Henk Yourcash Henk
Annelies Yourcash Annelies
Mary Yourcash Mary
Carrie Yourcash Carrie
David Yourcash David
Jorge Yourcash Jorge
Rose Yourcash Rose
Adam Yourcash Adam
Joti Yourcash Joti
Tesfa Yourcash Tesfa
Chelsea Yourcash Chelsea
Mark Yourcash Mark
Will Yourcash Will
Tina Yourcash Tina
Olivia Yourcash Olivia
Cory Yourcash Cory
Ali Yourcash Ali
Deeps Yourcash Deeps
Natasha Yourcash Natasha
Sue Yourcash Sue
Bianca Yourcash Bianca
Brandon Yourcash Brandon

Working for YourCashBuild your career with YourCash

Great to see you! We’re always looking for talented new people to join YourCash…Our business helps 1,000’s of businesses every day to provide access to cash for millions of consumers. We’re a diverse group of people and are always on the lookout for great people to add to our expanding European team. Have you got the YourCash sparkle?

We don’t have any jobs available at the moment, but don’t go just yet… Why not send us your CV and a quick hello to introduce yourself!

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YourCash Supports

Here at YourCash we’re always happy to support local and national charities. We have run, jogged, strolled and wondered miles, climbed a number of well-known British peaks, baked several tons of cakes and biscuits, worn hundreds of red noses, thrown gallons of water at colleagues and busted our moves at the local John Lewis in the linen department…all in the name of charity, and you know what – we’ve had fun doing it!

We also support charities and partners with time and knowledge – it’s not always about the money. We support Young Enterprise and Tomorrow’s People by offering IT, HR and Marketing support, including guidance on IT best practices, interview techniques, CV writing, business branding and marketing strategy…and what an amazing and rewarding opportunity it has been for us. Some of the charities we have supported are shown below.

Flights for Life
Willen Hospice
Hope for Hollie
Emily’s Star
Young Enterprise
Tomorrows People

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