Black Friday Survival Guide For Retailers

Prepare your store for Black Friday with this survival guide! Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) is full of opportunities for retailers to fatten their bottom line, which is why it’s important to prepare your store for Black Friday! It’s the lead up to the biggest holiday shopping season… Christmas. According to the National Retail […]


Providing great customer service; the ultimate guide

It’s no secret that a main priority of a retail store is providing great customer service. Providing great customer service is an important aspect your employees must represent the brand and make customers feel welcome. We believe that the two key areas to are product training and people interaction training. People Interaction Training This tends […]


How an ATM will benefit your business!

Find out in this blog how an ATM will benefit your business! When you need cash, where do you go? Your local shopping centre, supermarket maybe even a petrol station? So as a business owner where do you think your customers will go to get out cash? Are you looking to provide a great service […]


How to clean an ATM ((INFOGRAPHIC))

Your ATM isn’t just providing your customers with cash, it’s providing a service. So in this blog we will be providing you with tips on how to clean an ATM to spruce up your store! It’s important to clean an ATM and the space around it regularly because it will give off a better impression […]


What’s In-Store? Top 2018 Retail Services For Customers

Welcome to 2018… the official year of the World Cup, the Commonwealth Games and based on the Chinese New Year – the year of the Dog! For all EU countries, it’s also the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But, don’t worry, we’re not going to go there – well not in this […]


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