3 steps to reduce shop lifting and reduce employee theft in your store

Reduce shop lifting and employee theft Reduce shop lifting and employee theft: A report by the Association of Convenience Stores 2018 Crime Report has revealed that there were over 950,000 incidents of theft reported in corner shops over the past year! That’s a huge increase comparing to the 2017 figure of 575,000… this means that […]


“The ATM swallowed my card!”

If you’re sat there thinking… “The ATM swallowed my card!” We’ve got some tips on the steps to take to sorting this matter. You pop your bank card into an ATM to take out some cash for the week ahead but, instead of dispensing notes, you get a message telling you to contact your bank. […]


What to do if you have cash withdrawal problems!

If you’ve had some cash withdrawal problems, there are procedures to help you out! We understand it can be very frustrating and inconvenient when you’re having cash withdrawal problems, however, be assured that there are procedures that help you to resolve the situation quickly and as easily as possible. It’s inevitable that machinery can glitch, […]


Cash will never die… even with new banking technologies

Despite the increasing use of mobile phones and contactless payment for purchases, it’s clear that cash will never die. For all the talk of an increasingly cashless society, a group of the world’s central bankers doubt that hard currency will vanish completely. Victoria Cleland, The Bank of England’s Chief Cashier, states “I don’t use contactless” […]


Secure your ATM, Secure your Customers

Everybody likes to feel secure and safe (especially when dealing with money), that’s why ATM security is important to YourCash! We’re speaking out to retailers and customers in this blog, sending our top tips on ATM security your way. Customer Safety There’s always a chance of crime when money is involved, but that shouldn’t stop […]


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