Love your Customers – How to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day

Love your Customers – How to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day

Finding the perfect gift can be overwhelming and that’s why you, as a store, must provide the best possible service for this special occasion! Find out in this blog how to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day is a day of mixed emotions. For some, it’s a day where you go completely over the top to show your other half affection and appreciation… For others it’s an unfortunate day to be around lovey couples whilst buying some flowers for your mum (your true Valentine). Our point is, whatever scenario, customers will be coming into your store to purchase something to show someone appreciation. YourCash are bringing you our top tips on how to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day.

Love your Customers, Love your Store

December and January were busy months (we hope) with sales rocketing because of the Christmas period and January resolutions…. So why stop there? We can make February a great month too! ‘Dry January’ and Veganuary is over with, giving customers more encouragement to purchase certain products in your shop, rewarding themselves. Then, with Valentine’s day approaching, nobody wants to be that person who forgot to pick out a gift, and if they do leave it late, you need to provide options!

Here are the 5 most purchased items during this loving holiday that you can find in a convenience store:

  • Gift Cards: 13%
  • Jewellery: 17%
  • Flowers: 34%
  • Chocolate: 48%
  • Written cards: 52%

These are the standard items that most shops sell and if you don’t, you should get on board! They might not be as special and creative as some might hope but you can always choose the classic… Everybody loves a box of chocolates, a card with a poem on the front and a bouquet of flowers (or even some prosecco/beer!).

But if you want to get more creative with your store to really show your support for this affectionate holiday then we’ve got some top ideas on how to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day.

Create a prominent feature area

Grab all of your Valentine’s Day products: teddy bears, flower selection, card stands, prosecco and group it into one main area. Make it stand out with big red hearts in case there are a few customers who forgot, when they rush into your store, they’ll be able to see your Valentine’s selection straight away and pick out the perfect gift with little time to spare!

Restock the floor often

There’s nothing worse than getting to the Valentine’s section and all that’s left is a teddy with a wonky eye and flowers that clearly haven’t been picked for a reason… If you have more stock in the back, make sure that you’re continuously monitoring the floor in case it needs a stock up.

Don’t forget the gift cards!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift for someone, so some people settle for the easy option. Let’s be honest though, as unromantic as it might be, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card!

Sell outside the door

Obviously you will have to analyse that you’re in a safe area where people will not steal off your doorstep… but, how will the public know what you’re advertising if it’s hidden inside your store? How about some advertisement outside, maybe a sign to let them know what you have in store for their valentine. Or maybe a rack of cards outside, talk about taking it to the customer!

Creative gift ideas

If you’ve got anything in your store that you think would go well together as a gift why not stick them together with a special price. For example, homemade spa sets… include; soaps, lotions and a candle? Customers will come into your store looking for unique presents for their partners so help them out! You could even offer to gift wrap to make their lives much easier. And trust us, they are going to remember you the next time they need a gift!

Provide the best service

Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day can be an expensive occasion. Some might try to budget and do it the old fashioned way where they withdraw a specific amount of cash to spend. This way they know exactly how much they are spending without hurting their bank account. So get your store a cash machine to make their budgeting plans easier! According to the ACS Local Shop Report 2017, 58% of shops now have ATMs and 76% of customers pay by cash! To find out more of the ATM benefits, just check out this blog.

And if you do have an ATM in your store, we have some advice for Valentine’s!

Love your ATM

Here are some top tips to make sure your ATM shares the love with you and your customers:

  • Give the ATM space to breath – make sure the space around the cash machine is clear and free from clutter because a visible ATM is a used ATM!
  • Make your ATM sparkle with a regular clean. Antibacterial wipes should be used and don’t forgot to clean the keypad as well! A clean ATM tells your customers that it’s looked after!
  • Don’t let the ATM become a wallflower! Share the love with your customers and promote the ATM service, because promoting the ATM will boost your profits!
  • Make sure the ATM is filled every day. By doing this you are offering your customers a regular service that they can rely on! And don’t forget…. more often than not they’ll go on to spend in store.

If you’re interested in adding a cash machine service to your business, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to book an appointment for you to meet one of our team (a bit like a date!). Good luck with Valentine’s Day 2018!!

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