5 Valentine’s day tactics to show your customers you care!

5 Valentine’s day tactics to show your customers you care!

Valentine’s day is a day to show everyone in your life admiration and care, so here are some ideas to show your customers you care!

With the sales percentage being so high it’s a huge opportunity for retailers to cash in on it. It’s expected that overall the UK spent £640M on Valentine’s day in 2018… we wonder what the figures will be like this year!

Spread The Love

To promote your support for the love holiday get yourself on social media! Flower themes always catch eyes. Don’t forget to include your company’s logo and website address. If people start sharing your love via social media, you might catch the eyes of more potential customers or brand supporters. Or perhaps you could do something real…

Something Real

To show your customers you care you could hand out coupons for your store or restaurant! There’s nothing more warming than receiving a little gift on Valentine’s day, especially when you didn’t expect one. You could even send out leaflets with coupons instead that say, “Spreading the love with a coupon, but it’s only valid up till the 14th of February!” this will encourage more customers to engage with your business.

For example, who doesn’t love discounted meals? On Valentine’s Day couples are always looking for special places to eat, why not persuade them with a free prosecco coupon? Or, if you’re a flower store, a general discount is a great idea to boost your sales! If you own a store or manage any retail chain, it might be a good idea (if you can) to check your sales history to determine what your customers tend to purchase most during this celebration. That way you can keep stock updated and advertise that product most.

Heading back to sales history… if you don’t have a CRM solution with sales history integration, it might be a good idea to consider one! This sort of retail software solutions can help to get your holiday preparations done in a couple of days. It will even help you to get amazingly creative and spread the love with targeted gifts and offers.

Love Shack

Unless you are absolutely convinced this is what your clients want… don’t overdo it with the pink colours and the hearts, some things can look tacky! It’s the little things that count.

Start with your storefront, get a chalkboard hanging outside that has an inviting message on it, perhaps, “We’re sharing the love this Valentine’s Day with products! Come in <3”. A loving card stand can really sell your store. Then you could use spare fabrics to decorate the inside as well as lights to set the mood and bring attention to your products!

Whether you decide to go crazy with decoration or keep it minimal, focus on helping them to survive Valentine’s day to show your customers you care!

Assisting Your Customers

It’s evident that partners are the target market during Valentine’s day but don’t forget about friends and family members! Remind your customers that their mother deserves some flowers or their best friend would love an appreciation card.

Give your products a personal touch with little signs or notes that have words of encouragement “Great gift for you mother!” , “He’ll love this!”, “Let your friend know they’re special!”. Signage can be as simple as written post-it-notes or simple handwritten signs. Either way, signs are a great extension to help your staff promote the products, giving your customers a reason to buy.

Now, none of this would be possible without the help of your staff! Excellent customer service is what transforms the customers money-spending mindset. To show them some appreciation throughout this busy sales period, you could offer a Valentine’s day themed prize (such as two cinema tickets or discount to a restaurant) for the most sales or best customer service compliment. A little friendly competition can be fun, not to mention it will get your employees working hard, it’s a win-win!

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