How an ATM will benefit your business!

How an ATM will benefit your business!

Find out in this blog how an ATM will benefit your business!

When you need cash, where do you go? Your local shopping centre, supermarket maybe even a petrol station? So as a business owner where do you think your customers will go to get out cash?

Are you looking to provide a great service to your customers whilst boosting revenue? Well then. ATMs and the profit they generate should be an essential part of your business plan! Keep reading to find out how an ATM will benefit your business!

A business owner is always looking for ways to increase their profits whilst enhancing services offered to customers. Investing in an ATM for your business is a great way to achieve all of these!

The amount of profit you can make with an ATM depends on:

  • The amount of traffic.
  • The reason customers need money.
  • What payment methods are available.

This is important to keep in mind when you are considering a cash machine service for your business. This will determine how an ATM will benefit your business.

How we do things:

As industry experts, YourCash can indicate whether a particular location is a good candidate for a cash machine. All you’ve got to do is ask! We will assess several variables in the area and business that might contribute to a business not qualifying for one of our ATMs. These include things such as, the amount of customers visiting the store, whether another ATM is close by and more (they will be mentioned).

For a quick result, you can check out our ATM calculator which will determine if an ATM is good to have on your business premises. All the hard work is done for you!


There are around 70,000 ATMs in the UK currently and 32,740 cash payments made every minute! Furthermore, statistics from the local shop report also show that cash withdrawn from an ATM on your business premises is more likely to be spent in your store! Imagine having an ATM in your store and 55 visitors use that cash machine, we can confirm that almost 20 of them will surely go on to spend cash in your store! Would you really want to turn down those extra sales?

Not only will it increase the profit being made in your store but also your traffic rate! By offering an essential service, customers will fall through the doors looking to withdraw their cash, especially if you’re the only local!

With the extra customers visiting your business looking to use your cash machine service, you will find that many of them will spend some of the cash they withdraw in your business! According to recent studies, 65% of ATM users go onto spend in-store!

75% of people now expect a convenience store to have an available cash machine, which means if you don’t, you might be missing out on loyal, profitable customers! In fact, more than half (58%) of convenience stores already have a cash machine because 76% of customers still pay in cash! You want to offer your customers every possible service right? You know what you need to do! (Get in touch!)


If you still haven’t made up your mind, we’re here to give you guidance! Our expert advisers at YourCash will gladly help you further to answer any of your questions on how an ATM will benefit your business, 

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