Cash Machine Benefits: To ATM or not to ATM?

Cash Machine Benefits: To ATM or not to ATM?

That is the question…

It’s amazing to think that less than 20 years ago, cash machines were only ever found in a banking environment. After the deregulation of the ATM in 1999, ATM numbers have grown and we now have over 70,000 cash machines throughout the UK! So, if you’re sat wondering what the Cash Machine benefits will be for your store and your customers, YourCash are bringing you the facts right here, right now. Just keep reading…


How can a Cash Machine benefit your store?

Basket spend increase

Did you know that an ATM in an average convenience store increases basket spend by an average of 65%? Cash still plays a large part in our society even with the new contactless and mobile payment technologies. In fact, 81% of convenience store customers still pay by cash!


75% of people expect a convenience store to have a cash machine so why wouldn’t yours? Imagine walking into a bathroom and realising there’s no toilet paper – you’d leave right away… it’s the same thing! If you don’t have an ATM in your store, you might be missing out on loyal, profitable customers.

Save on banking fees

Having a self-fill ATM in your business means that you can save £1,000’s every year on banking fees alone! Just by filling the ATM each day with your business cash means less trips to the bank to make costly cash deposits! What more could you ask for?


It’s also an additional service to your customers! People feel safer withdrawing their cash in a trusted environment such as inside a local store. Your business might also be the only local or available service for your customers, so you want to provide them with everything they might need.

You, as the store owner, can feel more secure by handling the cash yourself inside your store, rather than having to make risky trips to the bank for deposits… and you can bet that your money is secure in the ATM’s safe!

Increase footfall

80% of users will revisit the ATM site at least once a week proving that an ATM also drives footfall to your store! One YourCash customer, Alistair Bradbury of Best-one in Manchester reported to us that he can “easily and conservatively say that an ATM is driving 15% – 20% of the footfall into the shop.”

Now how can you argue with those figures?!


We know what you’re thinking, why didn’t you think of this before? Don’t worry, it’s not too late!

YourCash provides installations for free and handles everything else you could think of! That includes servicing, maintenance, consumables and marketing material! All you have to do is provide a power socket for the ATM, allow us to install a phone line and if you’re opting for a self-fill ATM, fill the cash machine daily.


Need some guidance?

Why not use our ATM Calculator to check out if a Cash Machine benefits your business? Just click HERE.

So you’ve decided that an ATM is the way for you but you’re not sure which path to take, internal or through the wall, the question still remains, what is going to be best for you? Check out our infographic comparing ATM types to give you a better understanding.

Before you make your decision, give us a call on 0800 032 0707 or fill out this contact form and our team can talk you through which options would be best for your business! As industry experts, we can offer you guidance on what is available and help you to make an informed decision.

Now it’s up to you!

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