Choosing the right ATM proposition for your business

Choosing the right ATM proposition for your business

Choosing the right ATM for your business is always going to be a tough decision…There’s one mind-set that having a  conventional Through the Wall (TTW) ATM and having the cash delivered, is far easier than having a merchant fill, lobby style ATM…and do you know what – there are elements of that statement that are true…but don’t sweep the idea of a merchant fill ATM completely under the carpet…yet!

The footprint of a lobby ATM is approximately the size of an A3 sheet of paper, no really…450mm x 600mm, that’s all.  There’s no need for an secure internal ATM room that’s needed with TTW ATM  cash deliveries (these tend to be approx. 3000mm x 1500mm and it will eat into valuable square footage of your business) and the ATM isn’t cash loaded 24 hours a day, reducing any security risk.

Careful thought needs to be made for either of the ATM propositions, and whilst YourCash are able to supply both, in most cases we champion the merchant replenishment option.  We have hundreds of customers that tell us they have saved £1000’s by using the internal, lobby style, merchant replenishment model…now that’s great news for your bottom line!! 

One of our Nisa merchants, Mr Sivarajah, who has a merchant fill ATM, recently told us There has clearly been a 10% footfall increase since the ATM was fitted inside my store. The machine is very important to the store and has helped to increase my profits. I always make sure the machine is full as it is an extremely valuable service for my customers

The below table gives you a very simple idea of the benefits supporting the merchant fill proposition


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