Secure your ATM, Secure your Customers

Secure your ATM, Secure your Customers

Everybody likes to feel secure and safe (especially when dealing with money), that’s why ATM security is important to YourCash!

We’re speaking out to retailers and customers in this blog, sending our top tips on ATM security your way.

Customer Safety

There’s always a chance of crime when money is involved, but that shouldn’t stop you using a cash machine out of fear, instead, simply take a few sensible precautions and don’t take risks.

Be aware of your surroundings

Be sensible when using an ATM, try to avoid taking cash out of a machine really late at night. Stay away from cash dispensers that you see down dark alleys or areas where there aren’t any security cameras or people. Avoid any areas with ATMs that make you feel uncomfortable, never doubt your gut!

Awareness is the most important word when it comes to ATM security. You need to be aware of your surroundings, look for any threats and avoid!

Withdraw your cash, then withdraw yourself

When you’re withdrawing your cash, don’t hang around, it only gives someone the opportunity to slide into your personal space and run off with your cash. Whilst you’re waiting to use an ATM, make sure you’re prepared, keep a firm grip on your purse/wallet and don’t take your card out until the cash machine is asking you to ‘insert card’, that way you’re eliminating the risk of theft straight from your hand. Then, once you have your cash, get it out of sight, put it away, don’t give someone the opportunity to make their move.

Protect your PIN

When you’re typing in your pin make sure that you cover the keypad to prevent any wandering eyes from seeing the key to your bank account. You never know who might be watching and if you’re not careful someone could take your card and use it. Do not give strangers the motivation to steal your card!

If you’ve personalised your PIN, it’s extremely important that it isn’t related to your birthday or 1234 for example. It’s security 101. The PIN 1234 is the most popular PIN, according to Indy100 over 10% of card holders use it!

If you card gets stuck in the machine, or no cash comes out, don’t panic! YourCash are here to help, see here. Make sure you check the ATM for any kind of attached device and contact your bank immediately.

There are more than 70,000 UK ATMs and as cash remains king (even with the contactless card!) ATM security is very important. So keep yourself safe and don’t take risks with your money!


Retailer Responsibility

As a shop owner it’s important that customers feel safe in your shop, especially if they are withdrawing money. It’s also important for you to keep your business and ATM service safe and secure.

Your responsibility to the ATM:

Our self-fill ATMs are all internally installed which improves security as each one is away from prying eyes when your business is closed. However, there are other factors you need to do and consider to keep your cash machine safe and secure.

As mentioned in our ‘How much does it cost to run a cash machine’ blog, we have a few simple rules you need to follow to maintain ATM security to benefit your business.

It’s stated in our contract that each self – fill merchant (you) is required to empty the cash from the ATM at night and leave it’s door open. Why? Well, if someone is peeping through your shop/business window at night time and sees that the cash machine is empty, that’ll be the end of their money grabbing pursuit!

ATM Security

Your responsibility to the customer:

The purpose of having an ATM is to provide an extra service for your customer. Your ATM needs to represent your shop and your shop needs to represent your ATM.

How do you think your customers will react if your ATM is filthy? It won’t take long to give it a regular clean, use some antibacterial wipes on the screen, the keypad, any areas that collect dust and VOILA! A sparkly ATM that shows you look after your services. This will install trust in your customers that it’s safe to withdraw their money in your shop.

You need to give it space to breathe! A visible ATM is a used ATM, having clutter around the cash machine will deter your customers from using it. Keep your shop clean, keep your customers happy.

How are you customers going to know about the ATM in your store if don’t boast about your service? Promote the ATM outside the storefront so that customers are aware of the cash machine in your store. And don’t forget, having an ATM in an average convenience store increases basket spend by an average of 65%, so make sure it’s visible and you could go home with a little extra in your pocket!

81% of convenience store customers still pay by cash, this means that if you are advertising your ATM service then your ATM needs to be in service! Make sure that the ATM is filled everyday with enough cash for your customers.

The fate of their cash spending is in your hands!

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