What to do if a cash machine doesn’t give you money or swallows your card

What to do if a cash machine doesn’t give you money or swallows your card

There’s nothing more frustrating than using an cash machine ATM and there being an issue…either not enough cash was dispensed, your card is retained, or your bank account shows a cash withdrawal that you didn’t make.

However rest assured, there are processes in place enabling you to resolve the situation and reconcile the issue as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Firstly, if you have any issues with the cash machine ATM, take a note of the time, date and place where the situation occurred.  This will help your bank when reviewing the claim.

Secondly, speak to your bank before contacting the cash machine provider; if you contact the cash machine ATM provider first they will simply refer you back to the bank.

Once your dispute has been raised, the bank will approach the relevant cash machine provider, and if it’s an issue regarding cash inaccuracies, check a record of the ATMs’ transactions.  This will provide information on any under/over deliveries of cash, or if any cash was requested/dispensed on the date advised.  In the majority of cash claims, the bank will automatically reimburse you while they hold an investigation.

If the ATM has swallowed your card, you will need to go into your local bank branch and advise them of the situation.  More than likely it will be a problem with the card, and you will need to order a new card with one of the cashiers.  This won’t take much time and the new card arrives fairly quickly.  Don’t forget – if you take I.D. into the bank (your passport is normally the best form), a cashier will still allow you to withdraw cash from your account.

Either way, once the bank and the ATM provider have investigated the claim, you will be notified and hopefully the situation will be resolved. However, if you don’t feel the claim has been settled to your satisfaction, there is always the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).  The FOS are an independently governed service, there to ensure procedure is followed and you are fairly represented without prejudice.

Cash machines are here to provide you with easy access to your cash, and from time to time, things may go wrong. But there is a huge team behind the scenes making sure your experience at the ATM is seamless, and they are there to support you if things don’t go quite as planned.

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