How much does it cost to run a cash machine?

How much does it cost to run a cash machine?

Would you believe us if we said, the cost to run a cash machine is free of charge?

Yes, we did just say the cost to run a cash machine is free!

Free to have.

To fit? Free

Free Engineering support.

Helpdesk calls (support)? Still free!

Don’t you just love hearing that word? Free, free, free, free, free… We just can’t get enough of it!

We know what you’re going to say next… “You don’t get anything in life for free, what’s the catch?” Usually that would be the case, however before you rush off, hear us out.

We don’t ask for any financial contribution when we install your ATM, but what we do ask for is commitment.

‘Commitment?’ You ask. Yes commitment.

Can you handle our rules?:

  1. The commitment to make the ATM accessible every day that your store is open.
  2. (If you’ve chosen the Self-fill proposition) The commitment to fill it with enough cash that it meets your customer’s needs on a daily basis.
  3. The commitment to keep the ATM clean and tidy and take pride in the service you’re offering.
  4. And finally, the commitment to promote the service that allows customers to access their cash in a safe and secure environment.

Not only are you receiving a service for free in your store, but you will also be rewarded with more customers coming into your business. Did you know that 80% of ATM users will revisit the site where the cash machine is, at least once a week. Basket spend also increases (by an average of 65%!) so add that to increased footfall for a double bonus!

Having a self-fill ATM in your business means that you can save £1,000’s every year on banking fees alone! Just by filling the ATM each day with your business cash means less trips to the bank to make costly cash deposits! No more wasted time stood in queues or waiting for your cash to be picked up/delivered.

To find out more benefits of having an ATM in your store just check out this blog!

So, we’ve given you all our information, and going back to your question; how much does it cost to run a cash machine? In simple words:

The cost to run a cash machine is dedication and the desire to offer your customers the best service experience possible… And you know what? We think that’s a good trade!

If you already have an ATM running (you better go and catch it!) but you’re thinking of a friend, we have a referral scheme that can benefit you and your friend! It’s a win win!

All you have to do is (with permission) send us their information via call, email or the contact form on our website, then we’ll contact them, if successful and an ATM is installed and transacting we’ll send you £250! Simple as that!

Refer a friend scheme:


Refer a friend UK

Terms & Conditions apply. Offer ends 31st March 2018.


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