5 Simple Tips to Increase Your Sales In-Store

5 Simple Tips to Increase Your Sales In-Store

Whatever the nature of your business, increasing your sales in-store is never going to be a bad thing. It doesn’t have to be difficult either. In fact, there are many simple ways to get that cash register going. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Look after existing customers

All too often, the search for new customers and clients takes president over looking after the ones you already have. The reality is that your existing customers are the ones most likely to buy more products and services from you as well as holding the potential to drive their friends and relatives in your direction through recommendation. So, ask for their feedback. Listen to their suggestions and make sure they feel valued. They are after all, the people that got your business off the ground in the first place.

2. Offer incentives to keep people coming back

Whether it’s a rewards scheme or special offers on new products and services, any promotion involving the word ‘FREE’ is guaranteed to get attention. It also shows people that you have faith in your business, as you are willing to risk giving some away for the greater good. A word of warning however – be strategic and do some analysis on your sales and target audience before you go dishing out freebies to anyone and everyone.

3. Get personal

Observing traditional sales values is a sure fire way to keep customers loyal and get you a decent reputation. It also makes life far more enjoyable as it brightens up your day as well as theirs. Be attentive, polite and gracious – not pushy and rude. Take a genuine interest in your customers, encouraging small talk and constructive feedback on your service. Depending on the nature of your business, it may even be worth taking initiative and doing the occasional off-the-cuff discount to close a sale.

4. Focus on making money

Obvious though it may be, turning your attention to money-generating ideas instead of ancillary tasks is essential if you are to really boost your in-store sales. You have to make it your priority and not a peripheral afterthought. This includes everything from the appearance and layout of your shop, to special offers and promotions, marketing, staffing and customer service. If your eye is not on the moneymaking ball then it will soon be beyond your reach.

5. Make yourself memorable

There is no point in holding out for better business if your store is a shrinking violet. Remember that you are most likely competing against other businesses similar to yours. If you want people to notice you then you need to stand out, for all the right reasons. Incorporating all of the previous tips will help you on your way, as will some creative thinking and a solid business plan. Aesthetics are as important as practicalities – we are like magpies after all, attracted to bright shiny things that look different against their surroundings. The consumer experience begins on the street and ends after the sale. So make every moment count for yourself and your customers and you will soon be lining your pockets.

Including an ATM inside your shop will give customers an extra nudge towards making a purchase. People often have to go searching far and wide for the nearest cash point and so having your own is beneficial to your business as well as the customers’ needs. It also means you are effectively providing another service that gives people incentive to come inside and have a browse.

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