What do I do when an ATM doesn’t dispense the right amount of cash…?

What do I do when an ATM doesn’t dispense the right amount of cash…?

Cash dispensed from an ATMWhat do you do when an ATM doesn’t dispense the right amount of cash…?

There’s nothing more frustrating that being stood an ATM, and not being issued with the right amount of money.  It leaves you feeling frustrated and annoyed…but what are the next steps?

There is an agreed process all UK ATM providers must follow.  This ensures that each instance is dealt with fairly and consistently. However, if you don’t feel the claim has been settled to your satisfaction, there is always the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).  The FOS is an independently governed service, there to ensure procedure is followed and you are fairly represented without prejudice.

How do I get this process underway?

Firstly – you need to get in touch with your bank/card issuer.  If you can keep a record of the date, place and time you made the withdrawal, this will make the claim easier to substantiate.

Your bank/card issuer will then contact the ATM operator to investigate the matter further.  Based on the evidence grained from ATM and host transaction records, they will either uphold or reject the claim. 

For YourCash, we have a set period of time from receipt of the claim to respond, otherwise the claim is automatically upheld.  It is then down to how quickly the bank/card issuer credits the monies back into your account, as to when the disputed funds are available.  It is a similar process for Visa / MasterCard transactions, however in these cases; we have a longer period of time to respond from receipt of the claim.  We do make every effort to ensure all claims are processed quickly and efficiently.

Also for awareness, there will be an amount of time where you won’t have access to the funds retracted at the ATM (providing the claim is upheld) and the time scales for getting your money returned/refunded are completely dependent on your bank. Normally, when cash has been incorrectly dispensed, the missing balance is returned back into your bank account within 24/48 hours (depending on when the withdrawal was made).

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