I want a cash machine for my shop…

I want a cash machine for my shop…

I want a cash machine for my shop…

It’s amazing to think than less than 20 years ago, cash machines were only ever found in a banking environment.  After the deregulation of the ATM in 1999, ATM numbers have grown and we now have over 70,000 cash machines throughout the UK.

So why would you have an ATM in your business?

We would ask – why wouldn’t you?  Cash machines in a retail space is now deemed the ‘norm’ and research shows

75% of people now expect a cash machine service to be available

so what’s in it for the retailer?

First and foremost – it’s an additional service to your customers, and with customers’ expectations rising every year on what a convenience store has to offer, this is a no brainer.  But there are benefits from having an ATM on site from the retailers’ perspective…and that’s anything from increased footfall to a substantial decrease in banking fees.

We recently worked out that if we took an average free to use ATM, in a store operating 7 days a week and using published business banking rates – you could see an additional £6,700 coming into the business (and that’s NOT including the increase in basket spend or additional visits by customers) – we don’t think that too shabby!!

Something to think about

When you think about having an ATM service in your store – the first thing that springs to mind is what one do I have – internal or through the wall? And it’s a good question…but before you make a decision, why not call us on 0800 032 0707 or email us at media@yourcash.com and our team can talk you through what would be best for your business…as the industry experts, we can offer you guidance on what is available and help you to make an informed decision…we’re only a phone call away!  Or why not use our ATM calculator to check out if your business would benefit from having an cash machine – just click HERE.

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