How to not overspend this New Year’s Eve.

How to not overspend this New Year’s Eve.

Is it just us, or does everyone wake up on New Year’s Day wondering how much they spent the night before?  You know that stomach-dropping feeling at the realisation that your bank card melted due to overuse and that you lost track of the budget between the 3 glasses of Prosecco and the large bottle of red you ordered in pub number 4.

This seems to be more familiar for those that use their bank card, than the savvy New Year’s cash spender; perhaps that’s because we don’t think about physically handing money over at the bar. Either way, it’s a fair assumption that we’re probably going to spend too much again this year… but is there another way? We think there is! The answer is cash – cold, hard cash.

This year, try working out your budget beforehand and only take that amount out in cash. Don’t worry, we get that you’ve tried this before, spent all of your money and then spent more on your card (we’ve all been there!). If this does apply to you, we suggest trying it a little differently.

It may seem counter-productive, but make a budget, then add a bit extra. Partly as a little treat to yourself, partly so you don’t run out of cash quickly and then go contactless-crazy. So if (hopefully not when) you run out of cash, you know you’ve spent too much and it’s the end of the night for you (boring we know, but you’ll thank us in the morning). Don’t forget New Year’s Eve is notorious for over spending and, let’s face it, partying until you fall asleep (wherever that might be!!).

A blog wouldn’t be complete without facts – and we love facts (particularly the strange ones). So with New Year’s Eve in mind we went a-hunting… and we found that Jawbone has created a map of how late the average person in each country goes to bed on New Year’s Eve. To save you the trouble of reading, the UK ranks a miserable 39th of the countries involved with an average bedtime of 1:38am. Apparently 84% of the UK is awake at midnight – not bad. Sadly it’s nothing to shout about though as 96.8% of Romania is awake at midnight and the average bedtime there is a staggering 3:55am…

So for the sake of our country’s reputation, please try and make your cash last. Then maybe – just maybe – next year, we can hold our heads high in what is effectively the “which-country-is-the-best-at-partying” table.

Finally, whatever your New Year’s plans are, we hope you have a fabulous night and from all at YourCash, we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

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