Moola, dosh, bread, dough…it’s all cash to us!!!

Moola, dosh, bread, dough…it’s all cash to us!!!

As a quick question, how many of you, if approached in the street, would have cash in their wallet/purse/pocket?

There are so many articles around about the decline of cash…however a recent study in the Netherlands showed 95% of the population had physical money on them at any one point…and with the figures released by the Payments Council in 2014; it seems that 52% of the UK population is still paying for goods with cash.  

So is cash on the decline?  The honest answer is yes, but the headlines announcing a cashless society are a little pre-emptive. There is still a thing called consumer choice…and responsible retailers are supporting this choice by providing an ATM service in their store.   So whether you prefer to pay with cash, debit card or credit card, it looks like your local retailer is happy to give you the option!

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