Marketing Musings – How secure is an ATM?

Marketing Musings – How secure is an ATM?

It’s a good question – How secure is an ATM?

Over coffee this morning we were reading about some of the limits people will go to break into a cash machine.  From using JCBs, chains and a pickup truck to hacking the system – it seems there are no boundaries to what people will do to get to the cash.  So it led us to ask – do we do enough to raise awareness on why the lobby style, merchant fill ATM, not only mitigates the late night visits from criminal elements but also keeps the business owners’ cash secureWe thought not, so we wanted to share our thoughts around why we believe the YourCash ATM a secure option for the retail space.

First and foremost the cash machine must be emptied overnight – no ifs, buts or maybes…it is part of the contractual agreement that the cash machine is emptied, the ATM doors are left open and the cash cassettes are stored in the business safe.  This might seem a faff, but it will stop prying eyes making an attempt to break in to see what the ATM is hiding behind closed doors – it also will ensure your insurance company remains on side as well.

Secondly as our ATMs are on the whole, installed internally – you’re less likely to lose a wall.  No seriously, if you have a Through the Wall ATM on your premises, a JCB will more than likely be thrown into the mix.  It is the only way to get to the ATM safe and essentially the cash.

And finally, the lobby ATM is filled and emptied when the shop is closed and the security shutters are down.  This means the team looking after the till and the cash machine are secure and less open to the risk of attack.  Security cash carriers will normally attend site when it’s open and open to the opportunist.

We’re not trying to scare or dissuade you from having a cash machine in your business, but it is worth considering the pros and cons for both types of ATM – and whichever you chose, be it internal or the external, through the wall option, it is all about the service your offering you customers and the value you bring to the community.

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