Last minute St. Patrick’s Day ideas for your store!

Last minute St. Patrick’s Day ideas for your store!

St. Patrick’s Day is less than a week away and we hope you’re prepared! If you’re a retailer, this day presents a huge opportunity to win customers and sales. Try your luck with our last minute St. Patrick’s Day ideas!

In 2017, the NRF anticipated through surveys that St. Patrick’s Day would reach $5.3 billion in sales which is the highest in survey history, so think about the possibilities of 2018! To help your store get the most out of this Irish holiday, we are giving you some of our best, last minute St. Patrick’s Day ideas to try in your Retail Store.

Shop Spirit

The best way to show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit is to… well, show it off! Decorate your store for the occasion, make sure your customers have to stop to look at your shop window because it’s just so green and fabulous!

Now you’ve attracted the attention of passers-by, make sure they can find the St. Patrick’s Day merchandise quickly and easily when in-store. Get your green or themed products then make sure they’re front and centre! Loud and proud!

In-store Décor

Make sure that your shop window doesn’t lead to disappointment by following it up with in-store decorations. With a dedicated section inside your shop, it’ll make it easier for customers to find your collection or promotions.

A table full of merchandise/products with a banner overhead will do the trick!

Dress up

You can fill your store with green props and merchandise but if your employees aren’t in on the fun then your efforts will go to waste!

Get a box of hats, accessories and props and let them choose their costumes to spice up their attire. You could even dress one up as a Leprechaun to stand outside and entice customers through your doors… or is that a bit much?

It’ll make a fun team activity too! With these props, it might encourage them to interact with shoppers celebrating the Irish holiday. Get creative and ask your team for extra ideas!

Host a giveaway

We’re not suggesting you go all out and spend loads of money on a prize but for local shoppers, how about a raffle?

Using a couple of your St. Paddy’s Day products, you could ask each customer at your till if they would like to participate in a raffle to win a few prizes. All they have to do is pay £1 and pop their name and postcode into your lucky green hat and they could be in the chance of winning your basket of gold (merch)!

You could even do a treasure hunt for anyone who is interested to encourage customers to try their luck on St. Patrick’s Day! Use some green card to cut out some three leafed clovers and hide them around your store, for anyone who finds one they win a little prize.

Stick a sign outside, showcase your St. Patrick’s Day ideas and make it known what you have to offer!

Pot of Gold

With money flying here there and everywhere you can guarantee that this day will be mad for cash. Provide your customers with their own pot of gold in your store with an ATM.

According to the ACS Local Shop Report 2017, 58% of shops now have ATMs and 76% of customers pay by cash! To find out more of the ATM benefits, just check out this blog.

“Luck” is the common theme for St. Patrick’s Day, but we advise that you don’t rely on it! Effort is what will drive your store’s engagement and sales, it will pay off! Don’t let your St. Patrick’s Day ideas go to waste, show them off.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona Duit!

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