Case Study: ATM in Shipley Garden & Aquatic Centre, Heanor, Derbyshire

Case Study: ATM in Shipley Garden & Aquatic Centre, Heanor, Derbyshire

“…even though it’s just been installed, the ATM is already exceeding my expectations…”

James Beale, who runs Shipley Garden and Aquatic Centre in Shipley with his sister and brother-in-law, is one of the first customers to have a YourCash Free to Use cash machine installed through the HTA member scheme. He chose to work with YourCash, following an introductory phone call from the European cash machine provider. He explained: “My banking fees have gone up around 300%, so the timing was perfect when YourCash contacted me. I knew little about how merchant filled ATMs worked and the concept really piqued my interest in how it would benefit our business.”

“It’s only been installed a few weeks but I’m already seeing significant amounts of cash being banked without incurring the regular cash deposit fees. There’s also been positive feedback from our customers over the convenience of a cash machine, particularly one that’s free to use. With the ATM being free to the business, this is definitely a win-win deal.”

When asked about the YourCash service, ease of use, and any security concerns, James said: “The service received has been fabulous and the ATM is so easy to manage. It has integrated into the day to day running of the business with very little effort.”

“To be honest, I didn’t have too many expectations as it was a free product that sounded to good to be true, but it has already exceeded my expectations with the cost savings I’m already seeing with our banking fees. In terms of security, the machine is visible and the cash is removed, with the door left open overnight – so I really don’t have any security concerns at all.”

James finishes “I have no doubts the ATM will increase in popularity and I’m looking forward to seeing the ATM transactions increase over time, meaning less cash to physically bank, more money saved, and more happy customers”.

HTA members interested in this service can find out more about installing a free cash machine proposition please enquire here.



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