Do you utilise your retail space well?

Do you utilise your retail space well?

Do you utilise your retail space well and does it deliver that bang for your buck? Let’s discuss Retail ATM.

From crisps to beans, beer to seasonal goods all these products need space and what you do with your retail space, to return profit to your business, is an on-going challenge for many retail stores.

No matter what the size of your business, how you use your retail space will be key to your success and in the convenience environment literally every cm counts. Decisions are made every day that encourage customers to come in, buy and return and let’s face it – that’s a tough challenge, especially on a daily basis.

So with the footprint of a box of crisps (approx. 45cm x 60cm), our market leading, a lobby style Retail ATM can offer you £1,000’s savings that will add to your bottom line year on year, and what is the investment you need to make to ensure the ATM in your business is a success? Time…!

Seriously – all you need is time. Time to ensure it’s filled every day.  This will take minutes in the morning and according to ShopperVisa, in a survey last year, a Retail ATM service was in the top 10 of reasons customers go to a local store.  Time to tell your customers all about the ATM service as once they’re in your business, they’ll probably go on to spend and time back in your life because you’re using the Retail ATM to recirculate your business cash and not wasting time queuing at the bank to deposit money.

So will an ATM encourage customers to come into your store…check!

Will they go on to buy in store…check!

Will they return…check!

Why not find out more about the value our ATMs can add to your business. You can call us directly on 01908 574192, email us at or fill in our contact form here.

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