Where Your Money Goes – A Guide to Student Expenditure

Where Your Money Goes – A Guide to Student Expenditure

Ever wondered where your student budget goes?

Well, according to a breakdown by the National Union of Students, the largest majority of weekly spend for UK students is unsurprisingly going out, at an average of £17.99 per week.  The breakdown provides the average weekly student expenditure on categories such as alcohol, clothes, travel and music across the majority of regions in the UK.

According to the results, students at universities in the North East of England have the highest weekly student expenditure at an average of £143.43, whilst students at Yorkshire based universities can expect to spend significantly less with the lowest national average of £103.05.

The student lifestyle is often renowned for its association with alcohol and partying.  The results show that Northern Irish universities spend the greatest amount of any region with an average spend of £24.74 per week on alcohol and £20.24 on going out. On the other hand, universities in the Midlands including Nottingham and Birmingham spend the least on alcoholic beverages with only £15.37 per week and £15.49 on going out.

If you want to see how your university fairs then check out the YourCash infographic guide to UK student expenditure below.

A Breakdown of UK Student Expenditure by YourCash

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