Eggs-travaganza: How to prepare your store for Easter

Eggs-travaganza: How to prepare your store for Easter

With less than a month before Easter, retailers have already begun preparing for the festivities with some egg-citing in-store offers and decorations to attract customers. And for those struggling, here’s how to prepare your store for Easter.

Easter is a traditional holiday where people of all ages celebrate with family and friends, however little or large their budget might be. Most will focus on the delicious chocolate eggs that we all love to receive and others will go all out with decorations, stuffed toys, food and fashion. Therefore ALL retailers need to be ready for this holiday, not just the grocery stores. So are you ready to prepare your store for Easter?

Egg-cellent Stock

Easter can last forever… some people guzzle their treats before the end of the day and some are still trying to gobble their chocolate well into the beginning of June! So it’s important that your shelves are prepped and you’re ready to refill when necessary. There is nothing worse than leaving it late to get your loved ones (or yourself) Easter eggs, to find that there aren’t any left. Easter is the chocolate holiday, so why would you ever run out?

But don’t forget that it’s not just about the chocolate eggs, anything bunny or flower themed also goes down well! In the UK there is a high demand for home improvement merchandise. Consumers in the UK spend the four-day weekend doing spring cleaning, gardening and other home improvement tasks ready for the spring season. So take note to prepare your store for Easter!

You shell pass!

It’s important that your POS (point of sale) is front and centre, enticing customers through your doors. Your new theme is Easter or springtime. Round up all of your Easter products and display them in your shop window. If you make the effort it will all pay off. By this we mean, decorations, maybe a sign outside or posters to show off what your shop has to offer… make it colourful!

Then to match your fun Easter window display, create a prominent feature wall/area! Grab all of your Easter products: bunny rabbit toys, flowers, chocolate eggs (or any form of chocolate), flower decorations and group them into one main area. Make it stand out with banners and flowers to attract all customers and get them hopping through your doors!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

With popular holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter there is so much that you can do to help increase your store’s footfall and sales, go wild with ideas and promotions! Now, focus because we’re going to give you some ideas on how to prepare your store for Easter:

  • A door drop could be a nice way to encourage locals and customers to visit your store. Locals that visit the store with your Easter flyer, you could offer 10% discount on their purchases in-store that day! Now who would turn down that bargain?
  • Personalise some of your products to offer your customers something extra! You could create little Easter baskets full of Easter themed products for them to buy all in one.
  • Offer your customers, at the till, the option to enter your Easter raffle. Using signs, posters and word of mouth let them know that if they contribute a £1 into your bunny money pot and they could be in the chance of winning one of your Easter Baskets for the Easter weekend!
  • Easter is the perfect way to embrace your inner child! So why not hire a bunny costume for all the children walking past and into your store. It also gives your staff a chance to engage with the customers to give your store a friendly front.
  • You could host an Easter colouring contest. Using posters and word of mouth, let customers know that their children could compete in your colouring contest with two winners (a boy and a girl). All they have to do is collect the posters at the till and hand them back in with their name and email before the Easter weekend. You and your staff will pick the winners who will receive one of your home made Easter baskets as well as their posters hanging behind the till! It’s a great way to get your customers engaging with your store.
  • Traditional Easter weekends consist of Easter Egg hunts, so why not have one of your own in-store on Easter weekend? For anyone who finds one of your little card Easter bunnies can claim a prize at the till (perhaps a creme egg!).

We’re not yolking with you!

One way to increase footfall in your store is providing your customers with an available money solution. As Easter eggs don’t cost all that much, it makes sense to use loose change and smaller cash notes that you have lying around to pay for them. So wouldn’t it be easier to provide them with easy access to their cash? According to the ACS Local Shop Report 2017, 58% of shops now have ATMs and 76% of customers pay by cash! If you want to learn more about cash machine benefits, check out this blog.

If you are interested in adding an ATM service to your business, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to book an appointment for you to meet one of our team members. We hope you have a happy, chocolate filled Easter and this blog has given you ideas on how to further prepare your store for Easter!

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