Cheap ways for you and your friends to save money whilst socialising!

Cheap ways for you and your friends to save money whilst socialising!

Cheap ways for you and your friends to save money whilst socialising just got easier!

Friends keep you grounded… making plans with friends is exactly what keeps you sane and happy. But sometimes it can be so expensive which is off putting and more likely than none you’ll cancel due to low funds. But don’t fret, there are some cheap ways for you and your friends to save money whilst socialising!

Socialising is one of the best hobbies, it’s even great for your health! It’s important to remember that you don’t have to always spend money when hanging out with your friends. Even if you are planning on spending money on an activity just make sure you keep within a budget and you won’t have a problem.

In this blog we’ve come up with 5 examples of cheap ways for you and your friends to save money whilst socialising:

  1. Think about your end of night bill in advance

We all love a party but that doesn’t mean it needs to get out of hand. If you’re planning a night out with some of your friends, the first thing to do is come up with a budget limit. This will mean that each person has a limit of how much they can spend so you have more money to spend on another occasion.

Then to stop you spending extra, withdraw in cash your budget (including taxi and entrance fees) and leave your card at home, this will mean that once your cash is used up you can’t spend anymore.

It’s cheaper to buy a bottle of drink from a supermarket than it is to purchase a pint of drink at a bar so we propose pre-drinking in the comfort of your own / your friends home! This way you won’t have to spend too much when you’re out.

  1. Planning

It goes without saying that whenever you’re making arrangements with friends – last minute plans can cause a dent in your bank account. Say you want to go to the cinema, bowling or any other proactive activity, going during peak times can cost you a fortune! Especially if you don’t have any discounts… therefore a little ahead of time planning can really help you out!

Get yourself trolling through the internet and no doubts you’ll come across some exclusive discounts, for example give groupon a gander!

  1. Memberships

If it’s a place you frequently visit like a trampoline park or even the cinema, if you become a member you can enjoy the exclusive benefits.

For example, Cineworld offers you a monthly membership card where you pay a low fee and you can go to the cinema as many times as you want in a month! Do you really want to miss out on them deals?

  1. Free activities

Believe it or not there are tonnes of activities out there that are free. Going to the park/lake, window-shopping or even just going for a drive… you could even search the calendar of events in your city to see if there’s anything going on.

Even indoor activities can be fun… home movies, playing a game even having a bbq! Sure you’d have to spend money on the food but guaranteed it’ll be cheaper than takeaway or food at a restaurant.

  1. Concealed costs: watch out!

Sometimes you get into situations where you didn’t realise you would have to spend money, they just creep up on you! Make sure if you’re going somewhere you either know the area or have searched up places to park. In car parking instances it may be that you have to walk a couple minutes but wouldn’t you rather the exercise than the decrease in your bank account.

Just remember that to socialise and have fun with your friends you don’t have to constantly spend large amounts of money. There are always cheap ways for you and your friends to save money whilst socialising.

If you’re a student and are looking for ways to save money… also consider our blog on How you can still have a great night out on a budget!

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