6 ways to improve your store’s first impression

6 ways to improve your store’s first impression

Your store’s impression begins the moment a customer notices your store, then the second they walk through your doors, the journey begins. You want to engage them and make them feel that your store is a place where they want to spend time and money. Don’t stress because we know exactly how to improve your store’s first impression…

The first impression is essential and you don’t have long to make it!

Research has shown that most people form their first impressions within 10 seconds. With this in mind, it’s the worst impressions that make the greatest impact, not the best.

So, shall we get on with it? Here are 7 ways to improve your store’s first impression!

Window Displays

An effective window display can be just what you need to improve your store’s first impression. Let it work it’s magic as it can tell the story of your store before a potential customer even begins the inside journey… it can be the final persuasion a customer needs to come in and check out what you’re offering.  

If you’re noticing a lot of people stop – look at your display – then leave, you need to rethink your choices.

Be sure to be thoughtful… what do you want your customers to think? To feel? Don’t overcrowd it because it can look messy giving an assumption that your store is messy. You just need a few exciting items, or some of your top products. Use a couple props, maybe a mannequin; have fun with it.

Be sure, if you want to leave an impression, that you change the display once a month, you can even include a few themes?


The worst traits a shop can have is being dirty, dingy and cluttered… when customers walk into your store, you want them to feel welcome and free to explore. If your shelves and aisles are stacked with products and end caps are overflowing, they will likely feel uncomfortable, and unwelcome.

Let your store breathe. You need to give customers enough space to take in each product, especially your top products. Similarly, it’s like when you throw so much information at someone all at once, it’s likely they aren’t going to process everything that was said… Negative space isn’t an enemy.


In contrast to our first point, you don’t want to include too much negative space. As such you don’t want your store on an episode of Hoarders, you also don’t want it to feel like an empty warehouse.

Large, empty spaces aren’t inviting – it may give the impression your store is having financial trouble. You need to find that perfect balance between the two.


It’s fun to play around with themes, not only for you but for the customers! An effective display with a theme sends a clear message. It will also help you maintain organised displays and keep them from becoming just cluttered products sitting on a shelf! It’s important to plan ahead so you can clearly get across your message to the customer during important holidays like Christmas and Easter!

We’d also like to talk about originality and organisation! Remember the carefully thought-out displays that you meticulously designed and artfully exhibited? That was almost a month ago… they’ve seen it and they’re now bored. Can’t be leaving your Christmas displays up, well into April…


Once you’ve persuaded your customer inside, make sure it’s clear what your promotions are. Customers want to know they are getting the best deal possible, so don’t bury this information on hidden signage, shout it loud for all to hear!

If anything, deals are what’s going to entice your customer in… so stick a few signs in your window to let the customer know what you’re offering!


Don’t get us wrong, you don’t have to be absolutely spotless every minute of everyday… but, the first thing a customer sees is a dirty floor or dusty shelves, it will reflect you poorly.

It might seem obvious, but in the middle of the day during a busy rush, keeping things neat and tidy can be easily forgotten… set yourself a plan.

It’s essential to regularly dust and clean the floors, whether that’s mopping or hoovering. Make sure your windows are free of spots and finger marks. Keep the register area free from clutter and floors are litter free.

We’d like to personally offer a little tip… when it comes to restocking or display changing (unless it’s absolutely necessary) try to do it after hours. Customers don’t want to step around your clutter as you try to clear up and redesign.

We hope you can take away a few tips from our blog on how to improve your store’s first impression. If you have any ideas we can add, don’t forget to personally tweet us!

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