What to do if you have cash withdrawal problems!

What to do if you have cash withdrawal problems!

If you’ve had some cash withdrawal problems, there are procedures to help you out!

We understand it can be very frustrating and inconvenient when you’re having cash withdrawal problems, however, be assured that there are procedures that help you to resolve the situation quickly and as easily as possible.

It’s inevitable that machinery can glitch, nothing’s perfect. This can mean that on some rare occasions, an ATM machine might dispense an incorrect amount of cash, or even swallow your bank card. 95% of the time the reason your card has been swallowed isn’t due to the machine, it’s actually down to your bank seizing the card.

In this blog we’ll be giving advice on what to do if you have cash withdrawal problems…

ATM Cash withdrawal problems

The first thing to do is, make note of all the details; time, date and location of where it happened. This will help your bank to review the circumstance and depict the issue.

Secondly, get on the phone to your bank. If you try contacting the ATM machine provider, they will simply refer you bank to the bank because it’s your bank’s responsibility.

Once the dispute has been raised, the bank will approach the ATM machine provider about the issue. If it’s an issue regarding cash inaccuracies, they’ll check a record of the ATMs transactions. This will provide information on any inaccurate deliveries or requests of cash on each date. In the majority of cash claims, the bank will automatically reimburse you while they hold an investigation.

Retained card

If the ATM has swallowed your card, you need to call your bank and explain the situation. They’ll request for a new card to be sent to your chosen address. In some instances you might have to go to your local bank branch to request for a new card. Don’t worry the new card arrives quickly!

Cash machines are there to provide you with easy access to your cash, from time to time, things might go wrong… but there’s a huge team behind the scenes making sure your experience is seamless. The main thing to do is to remain calm and remember it’s easily fixable!

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