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5 Valentine’s day tactics to show your customers you care!
Valentine’s day is a day to show everyone in your life admiration and care, so here are some ideas to show your customers you care! With the sales percentage being so high it’s a huge…
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How To Improve The In Store Shopping Experience
How To Improve The In Store Shopping Experience Have a read of our top tips and ways on how to improve the in store shopping experience. Many retailers struggle to compete against online stores... I…
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A smart business solution
Why is a cash machine a smart business solution? Hi there, we’re YourCash, and we provide ATM services that have been developed to suit all businesses all over Europe. We’re not going to go too…
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Christmas on a budget!
Top tips for enjoying Christmas on a budget Avoid the January bank-balance blues with these top tips for enjoying Christmas on a budget…   Plan ahead It may seem obvious, but the sooner you start…
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No – we suggest 5-10 mins at the beginning and end of the day. We’ve got a couple of tips that will also help you get the ATM up, running and working for you. The first one is to load the cassettes in the evening. It’s a bit like getting your tills ready for the morning – you can then easily load the ATM in the morning, having prepped in advance. The second tip is to make sure you day close every day – this will ensure we are able to settle funds back to you every day – and it’s a good habit to get in to.
We don’t think so. Our internal lobby style ATMs have a small footprint that’s about the size of a box of crisps. We think it’s great value for the floor space and cost savings the ATM will offer your business. This changes when you start looking at the ‘Through the Wall’ (TTW) ATMs. To have this type of ATM, you will need planning permission and the secure room that is needed for the ATM to be cash loaded is about 2.5m2 considerably bigger than a lobby ATM.
YourCash will pay for the ATM, installation, training, till rolls and in most cases the phone line as well. We do ask our new partners to ensure there is a power socket for the ATM to plug into, but in the majority of cases – there will be no outlay costs to you. Depending on the deal, there will be a monthly rental cost, but you will be able to offset the cost (in most cases) against the number of transactions the ATM makes, as we can also offer a residual payment per transaction. These payments will be discussed at your meeting with our Country Manager.
The question around the settlement of funds from your ATM to your account will undoubtedly be an important one. You should understand clearly how settlement is agreed with your provider. There may be different service levels amongst providers but in general you should check for; the time taken to process your funds; method of payment into your account; and a strict control to ensure settlement is paid accurately and on time, every time.
To raise a claim the cardholder would need to approach their card issuer (bank). The claim is then presented to the acquirer (ATM operator) to investigate and either uphold or reject, producing relevant evidence gained from ATM and host transaction records, why this decision has been made.
Absolutely not! If you give the customer the cash from your till, there is a strong possibility the money will be refunded back into the customers’ bank account within 24 hours of the incident. You must ensure you follow the protocol. This is to direct the customer to the card issuer (bank). The Bank will have a process they need to follow for the claim and as soon as this process is started, be assured the situation will be resolved.
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Enda Martyn, Centra, Main Street Swords, Dublin

Having a YourCash ATM in my store has already reduced my cash lodgement fees and the ATM has only been installed for a few months. Our customers are benefitting from this safe (& dry) cash service too. It’s a win – win service for both our customers and us as a business. Enda Martyn
Centra, Main Street Swords, Dublin

Alan Costello, Costcutter, North Strand, Dublin

As a business, we need to be savvy around costs and the YourCash ATM is cutting our cash lodgement fees by €1000’s per annum. Having an ATM in the community has also encouraged new customers to my store and I’m just pleased to offer a new service that not only helps my customers but improves my bottom line. Alan Costello
Costcutter, North Strand, Dublin

Norman Foley, Gortroe Service Station Killarney

The YourCash ATM was installed and went live at our Service Station in April. Our existing customers are delighted with the new service and we have noticed it’s already driving additional footfall. We are beginning to see the business savings from the ATM, as we no longer pay cash lodgement fees and the money dispensed from the ATM is back in our account the following day around 3pm. Norman Foley
Gortroe Service Station Killarney

Mr. Sivasubramania, Costcutter, Rickmansworth

People appreciate the convenience of a cash machine on my premises, particularly one that’s free to use. A key factor for me is that I can recycle my cash takings, saving me money in bank charges and wasted time queuing at the bank. Mr. Sivasubramania
Costcutter, Rickmansworth

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