Nisa Expo Review: It was Nisa to meet you…

Nisa Expo Review: It was Nisa to meet you…

If you’ve been on any of our social media pages over the last week, even for just a second, you’ll know that YourCash exhibited at the Nisa Annual Retail Exhibition last Tuesday and Wednesday. One week on and we thought we’d give you a roundup of our experience at this year’s #NisaExpo!


After a gruelling Monday setting up Stand 156 (hopefully you came along to check out our two internal ATMs – one of them was dispensing cash!) we arrived rested and fresh on Tuesday morning ready for the day ahead. Our Regional Managers were not only keen to speak to prospective customers, but catch up with existing clients. Incredibly – they managed to do both!


From the moment the exhibition started, we received excellent feedback from all angles! Our existing customers came along to chat about how their business and how YourCash are helping to achieve their goals.  In fact, we had a few customers provide testimonials which will be published in the coming weeks!


Obviously exhibiting at such an event is also meant to attract some new business, and boy did that happen! The YourCash team were inundated with business owners wanting to replicate the benefits that others have seen with an ATM. Team YourCash are still in the process of following up with the prospects, with all feedback still very positive!


Cory the Cash Machine made numerous outings to explore the exhibition and try some food and drink on offer. As it turns out, he’s a popular person, with many people grabbing a quick photo with him! You can find all our photos from the exhibition here on our Facebook page.


We also learnt a few things at the Nisa Expo… so here are three main points:

  1. Firstly, (and maybe most importantly?) being inside the Cory mascot outfit is a test of anyone’s endurance to extreme heat! Kudos to those who spent some time dancing around as an ATM!
  2. Our diverse ATM propositions are continuing to benefit businesses (we knew that!) but the reasons vary more than initially thought. YourCash’s self-fill model is helping businesses each save £1,000’s in banking fees yearly and that clear benefit is always popular. Retailers are still noticing the positive effect an ATM has on footfall, which has always been a recognised advantage. What’s interesting is that this year we had fantastic feedback about how impulse purchases were notably higher once an ATM had been installed. We knew it was a huge selling point for the ATM, but retailers seldom mention it due to the other benefits being more impactful – so it’s great to hear!
  3. Lastly, (we might have already known this one too) that exhibitions are not just great for meeting new customers. They also provide an excellent opportunity for speaking to our current customers – as always, it was great to see you.


We are so glad we had the opportunity to exhibit for another year and hope that we can replicate the same success by attending next year. Thank you to Nisa, our customers, all the visitors and also other exhibitors who were all very friendly.


To see all the action as it happened, you can check out the #NisaExpo hashtag on Twitter here and check out our photos of the event on Facebook here.

Nisa Expo 2018… here we come!

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