The New Polymer Ten Pound

The New Polymer Ten Pound

All the information you need to know about the new ten pound (£10) note.

Note: We may or may not have intentionally or inadvertently included “ten” wherever possible in this post. We apologise for any discontent this may cause. The new ten pound enters circulation today (14th Sept 2017), so here’s everything you need to know.

Unlike other big launches of shiny new things you may have attended, nobody is camped out with tents and mittens for the new tenner…

But don’t let that dishearten you. It’s a big deal. Whether you’re a shop attendant, bartender or even a regular customer, you WILL have contact with both the new and old tenner.

What’s also a big deal is the person on the back of the note. For the first time in the ten pound note’s history, it’s a woman. Although many people were in contention for the honour, Jane Austen came out on top. Perhaps coincidentally, 2017 marks the second centenary since the writer’s death. “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!” is the quote chosen to be stencilled onto the note, which is a quote from Pride & Prejudice, a novel written by Austen.

We’re sure that there were many potential designs, but in the end the Bank of England settled on one that includes a transparent window – similar to the new fiver. Next to the window is a feather that changes from purple to orange depending on light, brightening up the note a little.

The Bank of England has been working hard to tighten security on the new polymer notes to deter counterfeiters and the £10 is no exception. Security features include the metallic Winchester Cathedral over the transparent window, a foil pound symbol, a 3D-effect Coronation crown and (of course) the transparent window. Many of these are either rainbow effect or are different colours on each side of the note. Some pretty intense work has gone on here, clearly.

What about the old one?

The new ten pound may have arrived, but the old one has not yet been forgotten. The media will probably quieten down for a short spell, before manning the megaphones when the deadline approaches for the old note to be withdrawn.

If you do have an old ten pound note that you’re struggling to spend because you’ve ripped, burnt or eaten part of it, then read our blog here about what to do with damaged banknotes.

We hasten to add that YourCash are fully prepared for this launch and are upgrading machines where relevant (for free of course!). If you’d like any more information, you can visit, contact us here, or tweet us @YourCash

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