NCS 2017 – Highlights, Best Bits & Summary

NCS 2017 – Highlights, Best Bits & Summary

This Monday saw the start of the annual NCS (National Convenience Show) at the NEC and once again, YourCash exhibited! We appreciate this is probably old news for you if you’ve been anywhere near our Twitter account. Still, we thought we’d throw our highlights into a little blog to share what a great experience we had… so here goes!


Monday – Day 1:

A bright, early start after setting up Stand R91 on the Sunday. Fresh-faced, we were ready to engage existing and potential customers and welcome them to talk ATMs. Cory was also fast out of the traps, greeting the first visitors to the NCS with handshakes, high fives and the most energetic waving you’ve ever seen! Monday saw a steady flow of visitors to the stand, many of whom were very interested in having an ATM in their business (although admittedly some just came to pick up a purple piggy bank!). Most noticeable on Monday was the number of existing customers that came along to say hello and catch up – it was exciting to see how great our customers are doing and how their ATM is helping them to achieve their goals! All-in-all, leads were plentiful, existing customers came in droves and a lot of promise held for the following days.


Tuesday – Day 2:

Arguably the busiest day of NCS 2017, with potential customers queuing to speak to our representatives at some points! A few existing customers still made appearances on the stand here and there and it was great to see so many familiar faces. As we’ve seen in previous years, the YourCash self-fill model proved to be the most popular with potential customers looking for an ATM solution. This year though, we have been showcasing our Through the Wall proposition at exhibitions – including the Nisa Exhibition earlier this month and of course, NCS. It has also generated a barrage of attention for customers which are situated in high-footfall locations. It shows that the range of solutions YourCash offers means that any business can find an ATM proposition to suit its needs… and it’s great to see!


Wednesday – Day 3:

Wednesday saw a slightly lower number of potential customers come to YourCash’s Stand R91 compared to the Tuesday, but the quality of the interest was not lacking at all. From small independents looking to support whole communities, through the large national retailers looking to incorporate YourCash’s services into their offering, the team certainly had their work cut out! Cory made it around the show a few times, taking the time to interact with other businesses and NCS visitors alike – we hope you managed to get a photo with him (or at least a high five!) – he definitely brought a smile to people’s faces!


Across the three days, some of the YourCash team also managed to sneak a peek at some of the talks and presentations taking place in the Retail Hub and we must say, what a great range of topics! Not only that, but the speakers really knew their stuff, it was great to listen into, even if just for a few moments!


Of course, it was back to the office yesterday to start working our way through the pile of excellent contacts we had met at the NCS and… so far, so good. We’ve had great feedback from our follow-ups and look forward to working with so many great retailers in the future!


If you didn’t manage to come along to our stand at NCS but would like to have a chat about how an ATM could benefit your business, you can contact us here. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook photo album for the NCS and our Twitter feed to stay up to date!

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