More money in your pocket: Making an ATM more profitable

More money in your pocket: Making an ATM more profitable

What retailers don’t often realise is that a few simple steps can turn an ATM into an additional money-making machine. To find out how to make an ATM more profitable, keep reading!

Sure, an ATM is a convenient way to get quick cash; however, there are other things that make your ATM more profitable. Some store owners just plonk it in the corner with little thought, it’s just a way to attract customers into the store right? Wrong…

Promotional Advertising

Have you ever walked into a store, spent a good 10 minutes looking round the store and towards the end of your trip you spot an ATM? An investment isn’t any good if the customer isn’t aware of it! It’s important to eliminate the art of surprise and make sure your customers are aware before they walk through the doors that there is a cash machine on your premises.

Lucky for you YourCash provide marketing material to promote your instore ATM. Stick a couple signs outside, make sure the public know you offer a cash withdrawal service.


Many small convenience stores are compact and use every inch of available space to shelve their products which makes it even harder to locate an ATM if it’s in the back of a store. The number one step to think about before investing in an ATM is where it’s going to be and if it’s visible and easily accessible. We recommend making space for the ATM towards the front of the store to really grab your customers attention!

Even if they haven’t come into your store to solely use the cash machine, walking past whilst they’re shopping might encourage them to do so! After all, an ATM in an average convenience store increases basket spend by 65%! Placing an ATM in an area that gets the most foot traffic will be most profitable, for example, in a bar, next to the bar or pool table.


Keep the area around the machine clean and free from clutter. Nobody wants to be treading over delivery boxes to get to an ATM in a store. Not to mention keeping the ATM itself clean! In a pub or bar can you imagine the amount of germs that have come off of people’s hands? Nobody is going to want to touch that if they can see dust and grime on the ATM. Love your ATM and your customers will love you! Trust us, by making a conscious effort with advertising, placement and general appearance, you should see a jump in profits.

Don’t forget if your business is on social media, let your customers know of the service you’re providing. To make your ATM stand out, you can make a suggestion to YourCash and we’ll come up with a custom skin wrap for you! The main thing to remember is with cash your customers are more likely to impulse buy! So providing a clean, convenient, well located ATM service is more likely to raise your profits.

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