How long does it take to fill a cash machine?

How long does it take to fill a cash machine?

“Having a self-fill cash machine takes too much time to manage” Really?

We talk to hundreds of people every week about our ATMs and the value they bring to a business, and one of the biggest push backs is that it takes too much time to fill a cash machine…We’re going to dispute that…yes right here, right now, we’re going to dispel the myth!!

But let’s get a bit of context around this – yes you do need to dedicate some time to ensuring the ATM is filled and up and running every day (approx. 10 minutes max), but no more than you would filling and emptying your cash register…!

To get the best out of your ATM, without feeling it is taking up too much of your time, here’s a couple of helpful hints:

  • Get the cash cassettes ready in the evening for the following morning…then all you have to do is follow the morning set up for the ATM, put in the pre counted cassettes and you’re sorted…!

  • Train your onsite team to programme the ATM – you can sort out the cash, but your team can load it…this keeps you in control of the cash, but the team in control of the ATM

  • Don’t forget to fill and empty the ATM every day, the more you do it – the quicker you get and the more your customers will use it!

  • Think about the time you’ll be saving by loading the ATM with your business cash and not standing in a queue at the bank waiting to deposit it!

Having an internal ATM will benefit your business, not only by offering your customers and visitors a chance to get access to their cash, but by saving on your business costs (and that could be £1,000’s every year) and you know what – having an ATM in your business, means increased basket spend as well.  So when you think about an ATM taking up too much time and not wanting the hassle…it will only take 10 minutes a day to operate a service that will bring £1,000’s back into your business…so do we think having a self-fill cash machine takes too much time to manage…absolutely not!!

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