How much does it cost to have a cash machine?

YourCash answers the all-important question: what’s the cost of an ATM?   When running a business – say, a convenience store – it’s obvious that you need to keep control of what things cost. Working out your return on investment is a must before you enter any situation and you’ll be well-rehearsed in this within […]


UK Currency: What to watch out for in 2017…

In the past 8 months or so, two staples of British currency, the five pound note and the one pound coin, have undergone fairly radical redesigns.   Last September saw the release of the new £5 note into circulation – the first of the polymer notes to be released by the Bank of England, as […]


NCS 2017 – Highlights, Best Bits & Summary

This Monday saw the start of the annual NCS (National Convenience Show) at the NEC and once again, YourCash exhibited! We appreciate this is probably old news for you if you’ve been anywhere near our Twitter account. Still, we thought we’d throw our highlights into a little blog to share what a great experience we had… […]


Nisa Expo Review: It was Nisa to meet you…

If you’ve been on any of our social media pages over the last week, even for just a second, you’ll know that YourCash exhibited at the Nisa Annual Retail Exhibition last Tuesday and Wednesday. One week on and we thought we’d give you a roundup of our experience at this year’s #NisaExpo!   After a […]


ATMs for business…

ATMs For Business is our strapline for YourCash. Simple, yes! But there’s a reason why we chose it.   When we think about cash machines, the majority of us will think about the Through the Wall ATMs that are normally bank branded… but this ATM landscape has changed exponentially in the last 17 years.  Gone are […]


The change in our change

Warning: this post contains puns – and they’re really bad (but quite punny!)   There’s going to be a change to the change in our pockets and it’s quite a significant one. Currency in the UK is becoming more and more secure – last September the Bank of England coined a new fiver made of […]


Preparing to show off…

It’s that time of year again! Next month (April!) YourCash will be showing off our propositions at not one, but TWO exhibitions – namely the Nisa Annual Retail Exhibition at NAEC Stoneleigh and the National Convenience Show at the NEC Birmingham.   For those with elephant-like memory abilities, you may be thinking that we attended […]


Cash machine seeking convenience store.

Money-savvy ATM looking for ambitious convenience store. Well liked and handy to have around.  Small and compact, but offer great benefits.  Very low maintenance, and professional help is only a phone call away if issues arise. A little TLC required, with a bit of electricity to keep the spark between us going. Let’s be friends […]


Is a cash machine the right thing for my business?

Running a business is a real life feat and one that is not free of challenges – there’s no arguing that! One of the challenges we often hear about is the need to stay relevant, with some business owners fearing that falling behind the competition could mean trouble for their company. Many businesses – retailers […]


Are independent cash machines different to bank ATMs?

Picture this: you’re walking through your local high street, check your pockets and realise you need some cash. You stop and stretch yourself (like a meerkat) to look over the crowds for an ATM and see two options. On one side of the street, there’s a bank with an ATM in the wall and a […]


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