Easy saving tips for your dream holiday

Dreaming of the perfect holiday but can’t seem to raise the cash? We’ve come up with a list of foolproof saving tips for your dream holiday. We all have a dream destination we want to visit but is put on hold because of the motivation to save. You’re determined that this time next year you’ll be […]


Overcome your stress today with our financial advice!

There are tonnes of strategies to mitigate money stress and we’re going to share some of our financial advice with you! As adults, at some point in our lives we all experience stress related to money, like – not having enough; spending more than we’re supposed to; struggling to manage expenses and save… or just […]


How to clean an ATM ((INFOGRAPHIC))

Your ATM isn’t just providing your customers with cash, it’s providing a service. So in this blog we will be providing you with tips on how to clean an ATM to spruce up your store! It’s important to clean an ATM and the space around it regularly because it will give off a better impression […]


Cash will never die… even with new banking technologies

Despite the increasing use of mobile phones and contactless payment for purchases, it’s clear that cash will never die. For all the talk of an increasingly cashless society, a group of the world’s central bankers doubt that hard currency will vanish completely. Victoria Cleland, The Bank of England’s Chief Cashier, states “I don’t use contactless” […]


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