How can your shop save money?

How can your shop save money?

With the economy struggling, every business is trying to cut down on costs and save their expenses, just to make ends meet. Smaller businesses are especially feeling the burn. But do not fear, YourCash is here!

We have come up with some helpful ways for you to save money without impacting the quality of service you provide.

Our 5 Top Tips To Save:

Go Green!

The first thing you need to do is to replace your old light bulbs with the modern LED equivalents. The cost has dramatically fallen in recent years and these bulbs save 80% over their traditional counterparts! You could also use CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) lights as an energy saver… These may cost more to buy, but they last a lot longer and use much less energy.

You can also greenify your appliances! Replace your outdated appliances with greener ones that not only save money on your energy but will last longer. By reviewing your day-to-day expenditures such as coffee machines, maintenance and supplies, you are helping the environment and the £££ on your bills!


Waste can cost a business up to 4% of their annual turnover. Few businesses realise that it can be reduced to only 1% of turnover with very little effort!

If you reduce any unnecessary packaging and/or take back packaging for reuse, you will have less waste to dispose of. Yes, it’s that simple!

You could also, save the environment and your customers money by selling material bags in store so they don’t have to buy an unreliable plastic bag on each visit! And as you’re selling a high quality bag you’re providing a quality service to your customers whilst earning a bit on the side! We know, we’ve got this in the bag!

Try buying less fruit and veg. Fruit and veg turns bad very quickly and if your customers aren’t buying them as much as other things (such as chocolate!) then aren’t you just voluntarily throwing money away?


Have a look around your shop, is there anything you can reuse? For example, try reusing incoming packaging and boxes for new outgoing deliveries… It will save you a tonne on waste expenses, trust us! Is that a plastic bag you can reuse? I think so. What about that cardboard box over there? Looks good enough to reuse. REUSE AND SAVE.


Recycling makes financial as well as environmental sense for all businesses. The cost of using recycled material is much less than the cost of brand new appliances. And when you recycle, (depending on the material or equipment) some recycling centres give you money in return, what more could you want?

Try talking to your waste contractor or your council about recycling services and food waste collections, you might find that they can help put in place a recycling scheme for your shop. You could also arrange a joint recycling programme with other local businesses to cut costs.

If you want to find out more about how to cut down on waste for your shop, search up waste agencies or contact your local council.

Love Cash Machines!

A self-fill ATM means you can save £1,000’s every year on banking fees alone. Just fill the ATM each day with your business cash which means less trips to make costly cash deposits!

What’s more… an ATM in an average convenience store increases basket spend by an average of 65%, this alone increases customer loyalty because 80% of ATM users revisit the site at least once a week. 3/4 people now expect stores to have an ATM which means you need to jump on the band wagon and grab yourself one or you’ll miss out!

Luckily for you, YourCash provides installations for free and handle everything else! All you have to do is fill the cash machine daily, provide a power socket for the ATM and allow us to install a phone line.

Penny for your thoughts?

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