ATMs for business…

ATMs for business…

ATMs For Business is our strapline for YourCash. Simple, yes! But there’s a reason why we chose it.


When we think about cash machines, the majority of us will think about the Through the Wall ATMs that are normally bank branded… but this ATM landscape has changed exponentially in the last 17 years.  Gone are the days where an ATM was solely run by the bank, for the bank customers… now it’s about the ‘convenience’ factor of having an ATM in your local store or retail hub.


Recently Link (the UK ATM Network provider) stated that UK cash withdrawals had increased by 1.3%… doesn’t sound too significant does it? But that equates to £28 million and you know what, whilst the percentage of cash payments may reduce year on year due to alternatives, it’s still going to equate to billions of GBP!


So back to our strapline – we believe in ATMs for business… and this is why: we supply a large percentage of our ATMs to the retail sector, but we also supply the leisure industry, hospitality, public sector, educational sites and major tourist locations.  Granted, all our ATMs are located to provide convenience to the end user and allow them to access their cash via a secured method, but it has also proven to drive business and save banking costs.


An ATM will drive people to use cash, saving the business money on card fees; people are more likely to spend more, particularly in the retail environment as it’s all about convenience; and by choosing our self-fill model… it reduces cash banking fees (sometimes £1,000’s per year).  In fact, one of our customers recently advised us that the ATM had saved them over 90% on their annual banking fees.  Now what could that saving offer your business?


If you’re considering extending the services you’re offering your customers or want to know more about the ATMs we provide, get in touch… it’s really simple, ring us on 0800 032 0707, or click here to fill in the contact form and we’ll be in touch.


ATMS for business… absolutely!!

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