4 money saving tricks for a fang-tastic Halloween!

4 money saving tricks for a fang-tastic Halloween!

Check-out these boo-tiful budgeting tips for a fun Halloween!

Are you looking forward to a frightful Halloween this year? We know what you’re thinking, everything’s going to be so expensive – spending money on decorations, sweets for trick-or-treaters, costumes for the kids and don’t forget about activities!

Well don’t worry, we’ve come up with some money saving tips so you can enjoy Halloween as much as the kids!

Read on… IF YOU DARE!


The Costume Competition!

Why spend £30 on each child’s costume when you could spend less than £30 overall?! Get yourself down to your nearest supermarket. give each child an envelope with £5 – £10 (it’s totally your choice!) and tell them that the best costume will win a prize. Then just let them loose!

Once you get home, add the finishing touches with anything you can find and strut it out on the catwalk!

Or should we say, black-catwalk mwahaha….


Haunted House Remodel

On the 1st of November, stores are always selling Halloween decorations at silly prices. Get stuck into those discounts ready for next year’s Halloween. Hardly fun though is it?

Here’s the deal, we’ll let you in on our little DIY secrets if you can promise to take them to THE GRAVE!

Everything you see in the Halloween section of a store can be easily made at home. £6 on a hanging toy bat? No thank you. Get some black card, scissors, a hole puncher and some string. Violà! You can do this with spiders, ghosts, personalised spooky signs, you name it!

What about those Christmas decorations that sit in your cupboards until December? (don’t forget about our Christmas money saving blog if you need some ideas for Christmas!) Have you got any tinsel lying around that could glam up your haunted house? There’s so many tutorials on Youtube for easy decoration making, we recommend you check them out!

Finally, we all love a family pumpkin carving night! Buy your pumpkins in bulk and start painting ghoulish characters on them to display.


Spooky Halloween activities

We know it’s not Easter but a scavenger hunt is always fun! Set out a Halloween hunt in your garden. You can buy a couple packs of oranges and paint faces on them to look like pumpkins, then hide them all around the garden. Get your neighbours involved, it’ll be fun for everyone! The person with the most baby pumpkins gets a wicked prize of your choice.

You should also have a look in local newspapers and school news for free Halloween events in your area that could be fun for the whole family!



BUY IN BULK. After Halloween is finished, retail and convenience stores decide to offer their decorations and Halloween related goodies at a discounted price. Get yourself ahead of the game so you don’t have to rush around. Buying your sweets in bulk will save you money the next year and at discounted rates it’s cheaper anyway!

We have also come up with some great food ideas for your party guests that don’t cost a fortune! Checkout the menu below for some terrifying treats!


If you can think of any other great ideas, feel free to tweet us @YourCash we’d love to hear about your spook-tacular suggestions!


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