“The ATM swallowed my card!”

“The ATM swallowed my card!”

If you’re sat there thinking… “The ATM swallowed my card!” We’ve got some tips on the steps to take to sorting this matter.

You pop your bank card into an ATM to take out some cash for the week ahead but, instead of dispensing notes, you get a message telling you to contact your bank.

You know you have money in your account, so what’s happened? What are you going to do for the rest of the day without a card?

“The ATM swallowed my card! WHY ATM WHYYY!?”

First things first, don’t panic!

Secondly, before taking action, you need to know that it’s not the ATMs fault, it’s just the messenger! Your bank makes the choice to suspend your card.

There are many reasons as to why a card can be taken. For example:

  • Your bank has suspected some sort of fraudulent use.
  • You have an insufficient balance.
  • You might be using a faulty/damaged card.
  • Your card has expired.

Of course we’re not saying that ATMs are perfect! There’s always a chance that there’s been a server error and the ATM is taking longer than usual to spit out your card. If you’ve inserted your card the wrong way or into the wrong slot the cash machine will be unable to process your card and therefore could swallow it.

Rest assured there are processes in place enabling you to resolve the situation and reconcile the issue as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Let’s get down to business… firstly, if you have any issues with the cash machine, take note of the time, date and place that it occurred. This will help your bank when reviewing the claim.

Next, call up your bank. There’s no point calling up the ATM provider first because they will just simply refer you back to the bank. More than likely it will be a problem with the card. You will need to cancel your old card and order a new one. We know it’s inconvenient but it won’t take much time at all as your new card arrives rather quickly. Some banks will even print a new card whilst you wait!

DON’T FORGET – if you take your I.D. (your passport is normally the best example) into the bank, a cashier will still allow you to withdraw cash from your account whilst you’re waiting for your new card.

Once the bank and the ATM provider have investigated the incident, you will be notified and hopefully the situation will be resolved.

However, if you don’t feel like the claim has been settled to your satisfaction, you can always contact the Financial Ombudman Service (FOS). The FOS are an independently governed service, they ensure that the procedure is followed and you are fairly represented without prejudice.

Our cash machines are here to provide you with easy access to your cash. But from time to time, things may go wrong. It’s important to remember that there will be a huge team working behind the scenes to make sure your experience at the ATM is seamless. Just remember if anything does go wrong, they are there to support you!

So remember these 4 simple steps in case your card gets swallowed:

  1. Record all details.
  2. Report to the bank.
  3. Order your new card.
  4. Get cash from the bank with your I.D. if needed.

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