“The ATM swallowed my card!”

If you’re sat there thinking… “The ATM swallowed my card!” We’ve got some tips on the steps to take to sorting this matter. You pop your bank card into an ATM to take out some cash for the week ahead but, instead of dispensing notes, you get a message telling you to contact your bank. […]


The 2017 Ultimate Saver Plan

So if you haven’t noticed, the Christmas period is over, there are only Bounty chocolates left in the Celebrations tin and your living room is now lacking the presence of a 7ft fake tree and a slightly iffy angel. As always, there’s one thing that lingers around after the festive period… Christmas debt. In fact, […]


Morning Musings – Saving at Christmas, can it be done?!

We all know how the festive season goes… normally something along the lines of spending, spending… and a bit more spending. In fact, the Money Advice Trust recently calculated that the average cost to families at Christmas is £800! As always, we are here to help! In conversation this morning, we wrote a list, focusing […]


What if your local bank branch is closing?

Every now and then, news pops up that another big bank is closing even more of its branches, especially ones in rural areas. We know that it has a negative impact on personal banking customers, and news articles always emphasise this, but we think that there’s a bigger issue at hand… If you run a […]


How to defend against hackers

Every morning we get into the office and have a scout around online for any news that’s relevant to us and the wider financial industry. So as you can imagine, the news of a certain bank being hacked over the weekend was a hot topic at the coffee machine on Monday morning. Obviously we checked […]


Marketing Musings – £269m withdrawn in one day – now that’s a shopping spree!

This morning, we were musing over our coffee discussing the latest LINK results for the August Bank Holiday and the fact that the UK flocked to ATMs and withdrew a staggering £269m on one day…now that’s a lot of ice creams!! And this led us to discussing about how we shop in the UK. Technology […]


Morning Musings – Outside In

The cash industry is simple, right? Banks and businesses keep the machines topped up, and we can just press a few buttons and have enough money for a spending spree or weekend away. Simple. No. This morning I am writing one week into joining YourCash’s marketing team – and it’s been an eye-opener. I joined […]


Cash under the mattress…

How much cash would you find randomly dotted around your house? We’re talking in the kitchen draws, bedroom units, down the back of the sofa or under your mattress? Probably not enough to put a dent in the mortgage…but there will random coins and notes around your home. In a recent article, Trent Hamm talked […]


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