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The YourCash blog page is where we like to share ideas, money saving tips, information and thoughts that we hope our visitors will find informative and helpful.  From getting ready for Uni to ATM technology…it’s all here. 


What do I do when an ATM doesn’t dispense the right amount of cash…?

24th June 2015
  Cash dispensed from an ATMWhat do you do when an ATM doesn’t dispense the right amount of cash…? There’s nothing more frustrating that being stood an ATM, and not being issued with the right amount of money.  It leaves you feeling frustrated and annoyed…but what are the next steps? There is an agreed process all UK ATM providers must follow.  This ensures that each instance is dealt with fairly and consistently. However, if you don’t feel the... CONTINUE READING

One month, two shows attended!

30th April 2015
Shows, shows and more shows...What a month it's been! We've visited two shows, made new friends and gave away £100’s in M&S gift vouchers. NCS - The National Convenience Show First up, we visited the National Convenience Show in Birmingham. Saturday, after weeks of preparation, saw our fab new stand come together, including a live transacting ATM and one that dispensed dummy "money" AND gift vouchers for a few lucky winners. Happy with our efforts,... CONTINUE READING

Moola, dosh, bread, dough…it’s all cash to us!!!

17th March 2015
As a quick question, how many of you, if approached in the street, would have cash in their wallet/purse/pocket? There are so many articles around about the decline of cash…however a recent study in the Netherlands showed 95% of the population had physical money on them at any one point…and with the figures released by the Payments Council in 2014; it seems that 52% of the UK population is still paying for goods with cash.   So is cash on the... CONTINUE READING

YourCash and Poundland agree a new contract and extend their established business relationship.

26th November 2014
YourCash, European ATM deployers, have signed a new contract with single price retailers, Poundland, for the provision of ATM services into their UK stores.    Ewan Ogilvie, MD – UK & Europe, said ‘We have been working with Poundland for the last 5 years and are delighted that we have reached an agreement to extend our relationship. We already have 180... CONTINUE READING

Rise of the Machines

25th November 2014
Recent figures show that more than half of all ATMs in the UK are now owned by Independent ATM Deployers (IADs). According to figures from network operator Link there are 68,630 cash machines in the UK, with 34,733 owned by IADs, such as YourCash. When it comes to the type of ATM, we are all used to seeing the traditional 'hole in the wall' machines at bank branches, petrol forecourts, railway stations, supermarkets etc. And for smaller businesses, such as... CONTINUE READING

Choosing the right ATM proposition for your business

15th September 2014
Choosing the right ATM for your business is always going to be a tough decision…There’s one mind-set that having a  conventional Through the Wall (TTW) ATM and having the cash delivered, is far easier than having a merchant fill, lobby style ATM…and do you know what – there are elements of that statement that are true…but don’t sweep the idea of a merchant fill ATM completely under the carpet…yet! The footprint of a lobby ATM is approximately the... CONTINUE READING

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