Most valuable retail investment for a small store.

Most valuable retail investment for a small store.

How well do you use your stores space? What if we told you we could let you in on the most valuable retail investment for a small store?

Let’s discuss Retail ATMs.

From tinned foods to freezer foods, alcohol to toiletries, all of these products need their own space. And what you do with your retail space, to return profit to your business, is an on-going challenge for so many retail stores. Especially for the smaller stores… it’s harder to include the most valuable retail investment, well unless you know where to look!

No matter what size your business is, how you use your retail space will be key to your success and in the convenience environment literally every cm counts! So what if we said we could offer you a solution that will not only draw in customers but takes up minimal room!

Our market leading, lobby style retail ATM can save you £1,000’s yearly, entice customers into your store and it’s only the footprint size of a box of crisps! At a size of approx. 45cm x 60cm, our ATM will fit into any space making it a feasible investment for you and your customers.

This is where it gets exciting! We don’t ask you for any financial contribution when we install your ATM, however, we do ask for commitment.

The commitment to ensure the ATM gets filled in the morning and unloaded in the evening every day. This will take you minutes. Recirculating your business cash will save you £1,000’s every year on banking fees, not to mention it’s easier to manage!

The commitment to promoting your ATM service. Once customers are aware of the ATM service the ATM can then work it’s magic. All it needs is a little push! Lucky for you YourCash provide marketing material to promote your instore ATM.

Fun fact, 65% of customers go onto impulse buy after using an ATM!

According to ShopperVisa, in a survey last year a retail ATM service was in the top 10 reasons customers visit a local store… so what have you got to lose?

To find out if your store would benefit from an ATM, test out our ATM Eligibility Calculator to save you time!

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