Daily Express Article ATM machine operator helps cash hold its ground

Daily Express Article ATM machine operator helps cash hold its ground

Don’t discount cash, it here to stay!

Maisha Frost from the Daily Express takes time to talk to YourCash CEO Jenny Campbell on the European ATM industry, cash machines and what they offer the consumer, the value physical money still has in society and the future for the business.

YourCash is there to support cash and the consumer

She then goes on to explain that cash allows young people to see the value of money, encourage budgeting and whilst there is always a place for technological advancements in payment methods., the consumer does still have a place in their heart for the tangibility of coins and notes.

Business Heritage

Jenny also talks about the business and it’s heritage, from the conception of the business in 1999, to it’s journey with The Royal Bank of Scotland, to the first management buy-out to now and the plans for the future.  YourCash has a bright future and with an expanding European estate, is Country number 5 in consideration?  Jenny goes on to say

It requires a great deal of regulatory and political expertise and good relationships with local authorities.  That takes a united approach.  Then we achieve our target: our machines are in places where people feel safe, secure and protected.

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