One Stop, working with Hill Tavern Convenience, Dudley.

One Stop, working with Hill Tavern Convenience, Dudley.

YourCash works with One Stop stores across the country, in both corporate and franchise capacities. The Amin family owns two stores in the West Midlands area with their core focus on customer needs. Since working with YourCash, their business has seen annual savings of 90% in bank charges, their customer satisfaction has remained consistently high and there have been significant increases in footfall and basket spend – all due to having YourCash ATMs in their stores.

The Amin family owns two stores in the West Midlands area, one of which has recently opened after being purpose-built by the family. The head of the family, Atul, has been working with YourCash for much of his 23 years in the industry. His mantra has always been to “serve the community with services and products that meet their needs” and to put this principle above all else. The intention is that this will be the key driver to their growth, allowing them to expand their estate.

Atul had experienced a number of issues with the previous cash machine provider but his primary concerns were the uptime of the ATM and the integrity of the supplier – he was sure that his cash machine was performing much better than he was being told. The Amins were anxious that customers were being left disappointed when they came to the store to withdraw cash.
The family knew the value an ATM brings to a business, which is why for the new One Stop store “a cash machine was a must – we were very keen to have one installed, even before the new store was opened,” Atul states. In fact, there was a clear demand from customers before the store had even opened: “when we were building the store, we had members of the community, particularly young and elderly people, asking us if we would have a cash machine when we open; we have to meet their needs, otherwise they will go elsewhere.” YourCash recognised the Amins had concerns with their previous supplier and knew it could provide the service the family needed. After Atul was introduced to YourCash by a business associate, we worked with him to get a YourCash machine into his store. After seeing huge success with the new machine, YourCash offered a second machine for the same location, which has also performed exceptionally well. When Atul contacted YourCash to discuss the opening of a new store, his Regional Manager worked with him to make sure the new store had the best solution possible when it opened its doors The family’s dedicated YourCash Regional Manager worked “hand-in-hand to develop the proposition and assist in any way possible” and Atul’s was one of the first businesses to offer a free-to-use cash machine in the area. He finds YourCash has always been “upfront and honest” as the “terms and conditions were always
clear-cut, nothing is hidden.”

For the Amins – as well as increased customer satisfaction – there are significant security and financial rewards to having a YourCash ATM on their premises. Discussing the security benefits, Atul mentions, “you don’t have to take cash to the bank as often and, along with that security, they don’t charge you to deposit your takings – we save over £4,000 a year in banking fees alone!” – an impressive number as it represents a saving of 90% in bank charges.

With the industry average basket spend at £6.39 in 2015*, the Amins credit the ATM with increasing the average revenue per customer and “often see ATM users with basket spends of around £16, far above the industry average and they [customers] wouldn’t visit the store if we didn’t have an ATM. We are in the service industry at the end of the day and I think the ATM is one of the main ways to increase footfall – big time!” Having the ATM has given Atul the peace of mind to focus on meeting the needs of his community and expanding the family business: “your mind is at rest, we’ve got to run a business and I don’t want to worry about a cash machine and that’s why YourCash is so great… we don’t have to worry. The footfall, the impulse buying, the basket spend, it all comes together. YourCash give you a facility, take advantage of it!”

The two stores are now managed by Atul’s two sons, Rakesh and Danesh, along with their families, but Atul still supports them with his experience and knowledge. The benefits of a YourCash ATM have also made an impression on the new generation of managers, with Rakesh saying “we always recommend YourCash to our business associates; they provide a facility that’s too good to miss. We’re already considering our plans to work with YourCash more in the future.”

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