Best One, Ancoats Urban Village Store, Manchester

Best One, Ancoats Urban Village Store, Manchester

Ancoats Urban Village Store operates in a Central Manchester residential area and has had a YourCash ATM for much of the time it has been open. Its owner, Alistair, believes that a high level of customer satisfaction is a priority and credits the ATM with not only securing a steady footfall into the store, but also helping to achieve the high level of service he is striving for. Alistair Bradbury owns a number of businesses in the North of England including Ancoats Urban Village Store, operating as Best-one in Central Manchester. The store opened in 2012 and in 2016 achieved Alistair’s long-term revenue target.

Alistair knew the benefits of having a cash machine and as he was opening a convenience store in an area being heavily renovated, he focussed on providing facilities that would
get people into his shop. “We wanted an ATM as a footfall driver, to make people walk through the store.” Alistair was referred to YourCash by his bank when he enquired about having an ATM, and has since gone from strength to strength.

When Alistair approached YourCash, he was already aware of the footfall and revenue advantages of having an ATM in his store. He hadn’t considered having a self-fill option though, which YourCash introduced to him. As the store had only been open for a short time, the cost savings that could be made by recirculating the store’s cash presented a very appealing prospect. When the store became so popular and busy that the ATM needed more cash than Alistair had available, YourCash were happy to switch the ATM to a fully managed solution so staff no longer had to be concerned about cash availability.

Alistair believes the ATM service YourCash provides has definitely had a hand in the store’s growth from when it opened to what it has become today, “when we first opened the store, the footfall into the store wasn’t massive, so the cash machine helped bring in people” which helped establish a loyal customer base. When the store and ATM became so busy that Alistair couldn’t keep up with the demand for cash,
he contacted YourCash as “it was sometimes frustrating for customers when they came in for cash and we’d run out.” YourCash assisted Alistair with upgrading to a fully managed solution which meant that “there’s no downtime, it [the ATM] is fully available when the store’s open. It definitely pleases my customers, as they can pay for taxis, takeaways, you name it, so they’re happy.” Alistair has created a very customer-focused experience in his store and believes that “you’ve got to offer all of the services, everything that’s required by a customer.” In his view, this principle is the key to his success: “when you’ve got the cash machine, coffee machine, lottery, all the key brands on the shelves, that’s when you’ll get the results you need.” Although Alistair admits that all of this contributes to his success, he could “easily, conservatively say that the ATM is driving 15-20% of the footfall into the shop.”
Alistair is already considering new ventures and considers YourCash to be a key part of his expansion plans. “I’ve got a couple of new stores in the pipeline and I’m already speaking to YourCash about where ATMs fit into those plans.”

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