Bargain Booze, KP Walker Ltd, North West England

Bargain Booze, KP Walker Ltd, North West England

KP Walker Ltd operates five Bargain Booze stores in the North West of England. After trialling a YourCash ATM in one of its stores, the business decided to rollout the ATM proposition across their entire Bargain Booze estate. Having originally looked for an ATM as a solution to reducing their banking fees, the business soon realised the other benefits an ATM can bring, such as increased footfall and basket spend.

Paul Walker is the owner of KP Walker Ltd, and currently owns five Bargain Booze sites across the North West of England. The business has been operating for six years and has seen continuous growth in that time, to become the chain it is today.

Paul had realised that as his stores were taking more and more cash, meaning his cash deposit fees at the bank were increasing substantially. After researching online, he found out that you can reduce the amount of cash deposits your business makes by having an ATM in store as it utilises the cash that goes through the till. He contacted YourCash and one other ATM provider and found YourCash could offer the solution he was looking for. When he spoke to YourCash, he found the members of staff he spoke with to be “enthusiastic and would get straight back to me to answer any queries I had about the proposition.”

Paul wanted to trial the solution in one of his stores and recirculate as much of his business cash as possible through one machine and YourCash were happy to accommodate his requests. YourCash quickly installed a free-to-use machine which was successfully operational from the outset. When Paul was satisfied that the ATM was a valuable addition to his business, he contacted YourCash to proceed with installing ATMs in the rest of his five stores.

Paul immediately noticed that his banking fees had reduced due to the ATM recirculating his cash and – as a bonus – he was seeing his revenue increase: “once we had the first machine installed, I realised that footfall had increased into the store. Not just that, but 90% of the ATM users also spend in the store, which is ideal.” This led Paul to immediately introduce YourCash ATMs across his Bargain Booze estate, which currently stands at five stores. “Each time an ATM was introduced into a store, there was an increase in footfall,” Paul says, “I’d just say it’s a point of difference, it makes you stand out
from competitors.” When we asked if it has effected customer behaviour in his stores, Paul said “once you’ve installed a cash machine, customer satisfaction definitely goes up and so does basket spend.”
Over the years, Paul has had one or two technical issues, but has found the YourCash HelpDesk to be “very good, always handling the issue well and resolving it quickly, usually remotely.” On a day-to-day basis, the ATM “is always in use, my team are all trained up on how to operate the ATM and just do it as part of their routine.”

“I would definitely recommend YourCash and often do to other business owners. I think every Bargain Booze franchisee should be working with them, they offer a service that’s too good to turn down!”

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