Food for thought when it comes to negotiation…


Last week was an exciting week!  The beginning was dominated by preparing to present a new business case to the board in order to achieve a negotiation position, before my meeting next week with the third party.  In this instance the NEF seminar could not have been more relevant, covering negotiation.  The day was run by Robin Copland from Scotwork.  Robin delivered the material excellently, using positions of conflict from all aspects of life; some extremely humorous; to illustrate different negotiating circumstances.

 In the practical element it was clear that the NEF cohort were all out to drive a hard bargain.  This ‘haggling’ technique is however not the best practice.  My main take away is that negotiation is NOT about ‘screwing’ the other person but more about reaching an agreement where all parties involved win, building a relationship for the future.

The speaker event was titled ‘Food for Thought’, and had an incredible line up including Tom Aiken, Michelin Star Chef, Belinder Williams, Founder of Yorkshire Provender and Luke Johnson, the man behind the growth of PizzaExpress.  Having experienced opinions from such a large spectrum of the industry built the perfect platform for getting answers to questions I had about food costing, franchising, and other growth strategies, when considering some of my food business ideas.

 Absolutely buzzing after last week!!


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